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How To Prevent Childhood Obesity

Ways To Prevent Childhood Obesity [toc]One of the globally affecting health problems and one that is on its peak in countries like the USA is that of obesity. This is one crisis that is not limited to people who are in their adulthood but also a strong reason for concern in children and is specifically termed as childhood obesity.In simple words, if we try to define what exactly obesity is then there is one thing that comes to the mind and that is overweight. If the weight of the child is increasingly high as compared to the age and the height then they are termed as obese.The same is valid for adults as well.

Obesity not only brings a reason for embarrassment and low self confidence in children where the psychological effects are concerned but also leads to various other health problems in children that can be quite serious ones. The good news comes in the form of a fact that it is possible to prevent childhood obesity and that too in an efficient way. The below mentioned tips will help you a long way in reaching the goals if followed with dedication. Check them out: –

8 Tips To Prevent Childhood Obesity

Proper Annual Check Ups

Consult Doctor For Childhood Obesity One of the first things to note down when we talk about preventing childhood obesity as well to maintain the good overall health of the child is to adhere to complete check up of the child annually by a well known and professional doctor. This includes the height and weight measurements of the child as well as the calculation of the BMI. The height and weight are compared with the BMI to exactly know where the child stands in the scale of obesity or even if they are at a risk of the same in the coming months or not. you can plan the child’s diet accordingly.

Be A Role Model

Avoid Junk Food For Childhood Obesity You really think that a child will believe in avoiding overeating if you do the same? It is very important to give them an ideal role model to follow the trend perfectly. This seems to be a little difficult but then it is one of the best ways to prevent obesity among your children. Try and follow a healthy and nutritious routine yourself and avoid junk and fried foods in the house for the betterment of your child.

Give Them A Healthy, Nutritious But Interesting Diet

Nutritious Diet For Childhood Obesity Children tend to eat everything that is tasty and looks good and attractive. Try and make sure that they have healthy foods and meals that are full of nutrients but it is something that you will need to put an effort in. Make it interesting for the children so that they are encouraged to incur the dishes you make in their diet readily. You can use your creativity here and include low fat ingredients to make the meals for the children Instead of frying, you can adhere to options like baking. Also, there are a lot of ingredients in the market whose low sugar and low fat versions are available including milk and butter as well. Include a lot of fruits and vegetables in their diet in different forms that they love.

Encourage Physical Activity

Physical Activity Reduce Childhood Obesity Eating is not a problem. It actually starts when the calorie intake is more than what you burn. This leads to accumulation of fat in the body and causes obesity. If you are successful in bringing your child to a level where they follow a regular routine of physical activity then the obesity issues can be completely kept at bay. The idea can be as simple as a walk for 30 minutes or even in the form of skipping a rope, jumping, jogging or any other activity that the child is fond of. Make it a little interesting and fun for the child and not more of a boring daily chore. Herein, you can also give them the chance for outdoor games and activities with a group of friends rather than encouraging indoor games and recreational activities like watching television that will only make them lethargic.

Avoid Junk Snacks

Avoid Junk Snacks For Childhood Obesity Most of the children are in a habit of munching junk and fatty snacks the entire day in the form of chips, cookies, cakes and more. This gives them those extra pounds that we usually do not realize. In the long run, these are the major reason for the occurrence of obesity in children. The idea is not to keep them hungry or discourage eating but to give them healthier and much more nutritious snacks prepared at home by you that are not only low in fat but also prepared in hygienic conditions.

Awareness Of The Weight

Awareness Of The Weight The child themselves should be aware of their weight. Keeping a regular check on the weight will make them realize how prone they are or they are not to childhood obesity. They child should realize how embarrassing it will be for them to face their friends with such an obese figure. Once they understand the importance of staying fit, obesity can definitely be prevented.

Plan Family Activities

Gardening To Reduce Childhood Obesity In case, you think the child wants a push towards keeping fit and active, you can easily plan family activities once in a while. This can be either in the form of garden cleaning done by all the family members once in a week or else cleaning of the house. Group activities where the parents participate with enthusiasm will also encourage the child to be a part of it. This will definitely keep the child physically healthy. It is one of the perfect ways to prevent obesity in your child.

Importance Of Breakfast

Proper Breakfast For Childhood Obesity Incur healthy ad nutritious breakfast eating habits rather than fried ones. Whole grains cereals and low fast milk with fruits is an ideal way to start the day without taking in extra calories and one that provides that perfect energy. Smoothies can also be given to the child made of fresh fruits and low fat milk. A healthy start will always keep the BMI high in children and avoid obesity situations.