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How To Prevent Hair Loss In Women

Ways To Prevent Hair Loss In Women

[toc]Nowadays hair loss is a prevalent problem. Around one third of the pollution is affected with hair loss. And among them, around thousands are women. Losing the crowning glory is more depression for women than men. Less or more, even the thought of it gives nightmare to many women. But have you ever thought of any ways to prevent this terrible experience. If not, then just read on this article to stay away from hair loss. First of all, it is important to note the factors that contribute to hair loss in women (as the factors are different for men).

There are numerous factors that cause hair loss in women such as medication, stress, health condition like thyroid or PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome), pollution, and deficiency of vitamins and minerals. So, if you have any medical condition then get the treatment for it rather than applying tips and remedies. However, if you don’t have any health issues and you are still concern about your hair then just apply the following tips and remedies to prevent hair loss.

8 Effective Ways To Prevent Hair Loss In women

Avoid Frequent Styling

Avoid Frequent Styling Of Hair

Styling hair according to current fashion is the buzz among women. Women try different styles for different occasions so frequently that it takes a toll on hair. Frequent styling involves the use of chemicals, heating and drying processes that never do any good to hair strands.

Heating and drying procedures weaken the protein bonding of the hair strands and makes it fragile and brittle. Fragile and brittle hairs are easily breakable causing tremendous hair fall. So consider styling once in a while only for some special occasion. And also limit the use of hair dryers, hot curlers, hot brushes, and straightener as much as possible if you want keep your hair healthy.

Handle It With Care

Brushing And Tying Hair With Gentle Hands

Hair is a delicate part of our body, so handle it with care. It means brushing and tying it with gentle hands. Some people have the habit of brushing the hair harshly which often results in hair fall. While others use very tight elastics or clips to styling the hair in to ponytails, braiding or corn rows. You may not realize immediately but eventually it gives rise to hair fall.

Avoid Strong Chemicals

Avoid Strong Chemicals To Prevent Hair Loss

Chemicals never do any good to hair other than giving a temporary solution to any hair problem. Sometimes, people use shampoo with harsh chemicals if they have dandruff problem. Though these antidandruff shampoos cure the dandruff problem for a while, it may harm the hair strand immensely.

So, try natural cures for any type of hair problems before jumping into using market products. Hair dye is another fab thing among today’s women. Hair dyes are also contains harmful chemicals that cause tremendously hair fall. Therefore, avoid putting dyes on hair and instead choose natural dye like Heena which not only impart beautiful color on hair but also condition it.

Wash Carefully

Shampooing To Prevent Hair Loss

Washing is an important part of hair care. So, every act related to it must be carefully done. First of all, select a shampoo and conditioner for your hair which has minimum chemical content. Using a home-made or herbal shampoo is the best thing you can do to prevent hair loss.

Otherwise, use protein rich shampoo and conditioners. Protein rich products not only make your hair smooth and bouncy temporarily but also repair damaged hair strands. Secondly, avoid brushing wet hair. Brushing it wet take off a lot of hair from the scalp. And even if you brush it wet then make sure that you use a wide and thick brushed comb.

Beat Stress

Beat Stress To Prevent Hair Loss

Stress is of the major cause behind hair loss. Long period of stress induce the body to release toxins in the blood streams which travel the hair follicles and hinder with the hair growth process. Studies have also revealed that women who go through excessive stress get hormonal imbalance causing chronic diseases like thyroid or PCOS which results in hair growth.

So, it is very essential women to relax and unwind to release stress. Beat stress by taking proper sleep, meditation, and yoga. Find out your ideal stress buster and go for it without giving it a second thought for lustrous mane.

Feed Your Hair

Omega 3 Fatty Acid To Prevent Hair Loss

Eating the right food is good for the entire body and hair is no exception. As there are some foods that help to keep the skin healthy, similarly nutritionist marks some foods that help to restore hair preventing hair loss. Along with consuming green and leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grain bread, nuts and seeds, make sure that you eat foods that contains enough omega 3 fatty acid, biotin, iron, zinc, vitamin C and protein.

Foods that especially high in these nutrients are fish, dairy products, flaxseeds, almonds, and sunflower seeds. So, include these foods in your diet and enjoy a vibrant hair forever.

Oil Your Hair

Oiling To Prevent Hair Loss

As we feed our body from inside and apply cream on skin to make it supple, it is also important to furnish hair with nutrients topically. And nothing is better than oil when it comes to nourish hair. Since ancient times people rely on oil to resolve various scalp problems. Eyeing the benefits of oil on hair, recently many major brands are manufacturing hair care products containing oil.

Well, oil your hair every week to nourish it. Hair oil not only nourishes the scalp and hair strands but also strengthens the hair root that control further hair loss. Massaging the scalp with hair oil also increases blood circulation around hair follicles that helps to transport nutrients to the follicles.

Hair Treatment

Consult Doctor To Prevent Hair Loss

If you suddenly notice excessive hair fall than normal then immediately visit a dermatologist or hair specialist. Discuss with them about any possible treatment that may need to restore your hair. It is not certain that they will advise you a treatment for sure as treatment is only considered in severe hail fall.

Sometimes hair fall occurs due to the deficiency of certain nutrients. So, after examining, doctor will either prescribe you supplements, medication or a treatment. Minoxidil is the mostly used medicine to control hair loss in women and treatments includes HRT, hair transplant, hair restoration surgery, and laser treatment.

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