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How To Prevent Hot Flashes

How To Prevent Hot Flashes[toc]As one of the main symptoms of the menopause phase in a woman, hot flashes are something that every woman experiences during some on the other time of her life. The same is valid for men who are about to enter their andropause phase and is going through drastic changes. With growing awareness, a lot of people now know the concept of hot flashes.

Once you do, it is always better to prevent the discomforting situation rather than treat it on time. This list below is to help out people with some preventive measures that can be used for keeping hot flashes at bay. The idea should be to follow them with a strict routine to get visible outcomes.

Tips To Prevent Hot Flashes

Control Stress

Reduce StressOne of the best ways in which hot flashes can be prevented is to ensure that stress levels are in balance and there is not much of mental pressure. Stress is known to be one of the major reasons for occurrence of hot flashes.

Try and use different measures through which you can control stress. This can be done with relaxation therapies like yoga and meditation as well as with proper rest and sleep. Along with this, adhere to recreational activities that can reduce the tension and prevent hot flashes.

Smoking And Alcohol Is A Big No

Stop SmokingAre you really looking forward to achieving your goals of preventing hot flashes? Do you want to stay away from the discomfort and burning sensation that it brings along? If yes, then one of the effective preventions is to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol completely. This is known to give positive results not only for this point but also keeps you away from a lot of diseases.

Avoid Caffeine

Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine is one of the biggest enemies when it comes to women who are at the onset of the menopause. If you want to avoid symptoms of these period especially hot flashes, then there is nothing better than putting a ban on your caffeine intake.

Even if you do, make sure it’s not more than a cup each day. Cut down on the excessive intake of coffee and tea to live a smoother life.

Adhere To Physical Exercise

Physical ExercisePhysical exercise starting from walking to running and from swimming to any sports that you like can be used as a shield against hot flashes. This is one of the best ways to regulate the body functions and to keep the hormones in check. It should be followed everyday for at least 30 minutes to get the best outcomes. Bicycling can also be done.

Wear Loose Clothes

loose ClothTight clothes can actually make you more prone to hot flashes. To ensure that you prevent it completely, it is important to wear clothes that lets air pass. Along with this, make sure that the clothes are made of 100 percent cotton for great comfort and prevention of flashes.

Stay Away From Heat

Since we are talking about hot flashes here, the most obvious thing that you need to do for prevention is to stay away from all kinds of heat starting from sunlight to therapies like steaming and sauna. This will help you keep the problem far away from the body.

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