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How To Prevent Jaundice

[toc]Jaundice is a sign of medical problem which should be prevented rather than try to cure it. Jaundice shows a yellow colour on the skin as well as the whites of the eyes. Jaundice is caused by a build-up of bilirubin in the blood and body tissue. The build-up is often due to conditions affecting the liver, such as cirrhosis, hepatitis or gallstones. The underlying conditions which are known to lead to jaundice include flu and may also result in fever, chills, stomach pain, itching or weight-loss or could be also due to bad diet. Jaundice can happen to young and old and should be well taken care of if it affects anyone otherwise its best to take more attention in preventing the disease.


Though, it is known to affect new born babies and young children more. It is always said prevention is better than cure and when it comes to such diseases it is more important. Jaundice is a type of infection and possibly affects obese and alcoholic individuals more. There are various ways of diagnosing jaundice but of utmost importance is to visit a good family physician and let him know about all the symptoms an time and get all the tests done as prescribed.  Follow the below mentioned preventions to avoid jaundice:

8 Ways To Prevent Jaundice

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

It is of utmost importance to limit your alcohol intake to be able to prevent the disease. High intake of alcohol is a major reason for increasing chances of jaundice. It is not required to completely stop alcohol as prevention but take it in limits. But it is essential to completely stop drinking alcohol if someone is suffering from jaundice. The limit for alcohol is maximum 2 pegs per day for men and 1 peg for women.


Be Careful Of Not Mixing Drugs

Most of us do not bother about which drugs we are taking together or even taking drugs with alcohol which affects the liver and makes it weak. It is so important that to prevent jaundice you should be very careful of not mixing drug intake which are not prescribed by doctor, take minimal medicines and not take medicines while drinking or just before drinking.

By being careful about drug and alcohol consumption one can prevent jaundice to great extent. Illegal drugs should be completely avoided by everybody to safe oneself from not only jaundice but also other harmful side effects.


Maintain Healthy Weight

Wrong eating habits or over eating can lead to over weight which can lead to onset of jaundice. Taking care of eating healthy and exercising everyday or at least four times a week can help you maintain required body weight which in turn would avoid many diseases from affecting you including jaundice.

Healthy weight is decided according to ones height and many other factors and should be known by everyone before they try to achieve it and not just blindly reduce weight or starve oneself. Maintaining healthy weight is not an easy task and should be paid attention to from a young age.


Remember To Manage Cholesterol Levels

A regular test of cholesterol levels after a certain age should be done regularly to be able to avoid many diseases that can be caused to high level of cholesterol. Unhealthy eating habits, excess intake of fats and sweets, and no exercise are the major reasons for high cholesterol levels.

All of them should be taken care of with equal attention for controlling cholesterol levels in turn preventing jaundice. People with heredity of high cholesterol levels should be double careful of their cholesterol levels so that they do not suffer later on.

Junk Food

Vaccination Of Hepatitis A And B

Other important factor to prevent jaundice is taking vaccination for all types of hepatitis during babyhood is essential and should not be avoided at any cause so that one can prevent jaundice as well as hepatitis.

These diseases are common in various parts of the world and showed be avoided to prevent jaundice as well and the best way to do it is to ensure you give vaccination to your baby on time and take it yourself if you were not vaccinated in your childhood.


Eat Foods Like

Healthy food intake is important for preventing increase in weight and also lowering cholesterol levels and in turn preventing the causes of jaundice symptoms. Eating vegetables like tomatoes and radish have benefits that prevent jaundice. Lemon and lemon juice is also very good. Juices of sugarcane and other fresh fruits are useful for both prevention and cure of jaundice.

Dry grapes and pomegranate fruit should be consumed in a balanced manner by everybody for good health and prevention of jaundice. There are dry fruits like dried dates, almonds and cardamom which are known to be good for jaundice and its prevention. Healthy balanced diet is of utmost importance to keep your liver safe.


Avoid Foods Like

Unhealthy diet and eating pattern is the major reason for most of the diseases and health problems. Avoiding food items like very spicy food, rich gravy food, and fatty food is important. It is also important not to have high amounts of ice creams and sweet dishes.

Large amounts of non vegetarian foods should not be taken by people who know about their weak liver and are prone to jaundice. Drinking aerated drinks in large amounts should also be avoided to remain healthy and prevent problems like jaundice.


Maintain Hygiene

Lastly the most important prevention of any ailment is to keep your environment clean and hygienic. The thumb rules of being healthy is being clean and hygienic as well as live in a clean place as well as keep your surrounding clean. Throwing garbage here and there in the open, urinating in dirty toilets, and using public toilets should be avoided.

Drinking boiled water is also essential for avoiding jaundice and preventing its symptoms which lead to other problems. Keeping food covered and eating well cooked food is also required for healthy living at all times. Following the above is not only essential for preventing one disease but all.


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