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How To Prevent Osteoarthritis

How To Prevent Osteoarthritis[toc]Evidently, osteoarthritis these days have become an important medical condition. But can this condition be prevented? We have to understand that a human body works just like a machine. If we want to move around without feeling the pain, then we must have all the joints in the body well-oiled. Lack of oiling can cause rust on the joints of the human body.

When people are not very active and lead a sedentary lifestyle, the bones in their body becomes porous and breakable. This condition in the human body is known as osteoarthritis. Genetics and age can simply be blamed for this disease, but there are certain things that we can always do to prevent it from happening.

Preventing this terrible disease is not a very simple task. But there is an old saying that good things never come cheap! The preventions written below are basic measures for you to get started. You will have to bring adjustments in your lifestyle and think clearly every day, if you should carry out certain activities.

Tips To Prevent Osteoarthritis

Find Out And Maintain Your Correct Body Weight

Weight LossApproximately, 3 to 6 times the body weight of a human being is exerted on the knees while a person walks. Therefore, in simple terms if you are 10 kilos overweight then you are increasing the force on your knees by 30 to 60 kilos when you walk around normally. The force used by the hips in your body is around 3 times the body weight of a mortal being.

You can always reduce the stress of your joints by shedding the excess weight of the body. You should first know the correct weight for your body type, and height. Then you must work your way close to the ideal body weight. If you are underweight then it can cause trouble in your hormonal levels that can cause joint and bone troubles in future.

Be Active And Exercise Regularly

Kegel ExercisesIf you want the best joints in your body then it is highly recommended that you perform 30 minutes of exercise regularly. This exercise can be moderately strenuous and can be performed 5 days each week. This is already a known fact that regular exercising has enormous health benefits.

You do not have to be an Olympic athlete but regular brisk walking, swimming, dancing or engaging yourself in other such activities can make your muscles and bones stronger. Moving around will help you prevent rust in your bones just like a tin can.

Include Omega 3 Fatty Acids In Your Diet

DietIf you want healthy joints then you will have to include good lubricants or oil in your daily diet. You must daily consume omega 3 fatty acids. If you want healthy bones then you must consume one tablespoon of olive oil, fish oil supplements and gamma linolenic acid after every meal.

Eat Fruits

Citrus FruitsIf you love eating fruits then this is the best way to prevent osteoarthritis. Peaches, mangoes, watermelon etc are all rich in a particular antioxidant namely, beta-cryptoxanthin. This is an antioxidant which will help in lowering the risk of arthritis in your body.

Eat Fresh Vegetables

Fresh VegetablesSpinach, orange capsicum, peas and sweet corn have one antioxidant in common. Zeaxanthin, is an antioxidant which helps in lowering the risk of this disease. People who have the highest blood antioxidant level of this particular range can actually cut down the risk of this disease by 50% percent.

Get Loads Of Vitamin C

Vitamin CYou must get a lot of vitamin C in your body. You can eat red capsicums, broccoli, oranges, strawberries, sweet lime, lemon etc. these are all rich in vitamin C. vitamin C helps in strengthening the bones and muscles and thus helps in lowering the risk of this disease. The health experts state that people who regularly take vitamin C in their diet are three times less prone to osteoarthritis.

Grapes Are Good For The Bones

A lot of researchers in this field have found that a pain reliever and grape powder can reduce the discomfort of the bones and swelling in your joints. The studies have not yet been confirmed, but one can always munch on grapes or take grape seed extract in their daily diet.

Protecting The Joints

PostureThere are a lot of principles that can help you to protect the joints in your body. If you can follow these principles you will conserve your energy and preserve the joints functioning in the human body.

This is a very simple and effective advice. You have to be careful about the proper movement of your body. You must correctly identify the signals that your body is sending you. Always maintain good and correct posture. These ways will certainly help you to prevent osteoarthritis.

Avoid Giving Frequent Stress On Your Joints

StressIf you give repetitive stress to your joints it can aggravate the symptoms of osteoarthritis. These repetitive movements include uninterrupted activity, over exertion of your body, incorrect posture for a long period etc. Most of these symptoms are related to our occupation, small jobs or household chores. You have to find a way to deal with these problems.

Learn To Stop, When In Pain

Sleep WellThis is a simple yet effective advice. This is a basic advice and most people will not follow it. Learn to see pain as an over exertion. Learn to call it a stop and take time to relax.

This will require a conscious effort from your side. You have to balance work and rest for retaining the healthy joints in your body. When your joints ache, you should see it as a stop sign coming from your body.

Avoid Injuring The Joints

If you have suffered a joint injury then this can become a cause for your osteoarthritis. If the joints have suffered an injury, improper alignment or wear and tear of cartilage then osteoarthritis can easily develop.

If you therefore, injure your joints then seek medical attention immediately. You must always be gentle with your joints. When moving around or performing an activity you must always be careful about your movement and avoid accidents and injuries.

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