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How To Prevent Osteoporosis

Ways To Prevent Osteoporosis

[toc]Osteoporosis is one of the most common ailments that are known to affect the fairer sex after a certain age. Among the various health problems, that you might find yourself prone to after the age of 35-40, this crisis of the bone strength and mass is something that today at least half of the women are facing. It is definitely one of the serious illnesses that have various side effects on the body and one that needs professional treatment and in severe cases even surgery.

Before you actually have to go through such tough times, why not look into ways and ideas that can help you prevent osteoporosis and keep it at bay? Yes, the good news is that there are well researched ideas that if followed with strict regime can help you keep the problem away. 

As a prolonged disease, if you do not prevent the situation, then the bone keeps on shedding the calcium and gets weak and vulnerable. You might also experience acute pain and discomfort and even problems in proper movements. Check this guide for the best preventive measures that you can possibly stick to: –

6 Ways To Prevent Osteoporosis

The Diet Plan To Stick To

Proper Diet Plan For Osteoporosis

There are various diet modifications that if you use in the daily meals will definitely help you in keeping away the dreadful problem of osteoporosis. Herein, calcium rich foods are the most important one that you need to consume without fail. The best foods recommended here is milk especially low fat and skimmed. Apart from this non fat yogurt and low fat cheeses are ideal. Vitamin D foods are needed for the right absorption of calcium by the body. Fishes like salmon and sardines if eaten with bones will also give you the calcium needed whereas oily fishes will give you vitamin D.

Leafy greens will provide you with calcium but as a dual benefit also give you potassium and vitamin K that helps in locking the calcium in the bones. Bananas, kale, broccoli and turnip greens are some good examples. Soy is another food that will fulfill your aim of calcium and also give you estrogens that is known to balance the density of the bones. Soy milk can be used for making smoothies and malts. Avoid taking overload protein diet that leads to excretion of calcium from the body. This is also applicable in the case of caffeine that excretes the calcium and leads to lack of it in the body. Onions can be included in the meals that prevent breaking down of the bone that causes osteoporosis and help you reach the goal.

The Exercise Routine Helps

Yoga For Osteoporosis

An exercise program is a must when it comes to preventing osteoporosis. Herein, weight bearing exercises is one of the most significant ones to be used for the purpose. This helps in preventing bone loss which is one of the major causes of the disease. Along with it you can also expect it to build the bone as the age progresses. Posture and balance are the two aspects that it works on and therefore helps in preventing falls as well.

According to professionals, exercising 3 times in a week and that too for at least 30 minutes each will give you the right results. Stair climbing, walking, weight lifting, running volleyball and tennis are some good examples in this case. Herein, swimming is not that beneficial.

Take Supplements

Calcium Supplements For Osteoporosis

Calcium supplements are a safe way in which you can keep the deadly illness of osteoporosis away from your body. It is easily available in the market and all you need to do is contact your doctor to know which one will best suit your needs and what is the right dosage that will give you ideal outcomes. The requirement increases after the age of 40 in women which is not possible to recover with diet. This is where the role of supplements comes in. however; the body has a limited capacity to absorb calcium, so ensure that you have a balanced dose of the same. Also, include vitamin D supplements that help in the absorption of calcium.

Avoid Certain Lifestyle Habits

Stop Smoking For Osteoporosis

There are some habits that we tend to have incurred in the daily life which not only affects the health and brings along various fatal diseases but is also a strong cause of occurrence of osteoporosis. Herein, smoking is one of the habits. To prevent the illness, you will strictly need to stay away from smoking cigarettes. It reduces the bone density to a great extent and makes you prone to the problem.

Alcohol intake is another of the major habits that one needs to have proper control over. Excessive drinking actually prevents the body to absorb the calcium intake and thus weakens the bones slowly. A drink for women and about two for men is more than enough each day.

Stay Away From Depression

Walking For Osteoporosis

Stress gives a way to a lot of diseases in the body among which osteoporosis is one of them. It produces a hormone called cortisol which affects the bones by sapping out the minerals. This lowers the bone density and definitely increases the chance of getting into this bone weakening illness that you would want to prevent. Try and use stress managing techniques like deep breathing, yoga and meditation. Apart from this, you can also use proper rest and sleep to your rescue. These are some of the safe ways that can help you reach the goals.

Regular Bone Density Check Up

Regular Bone Density Check Up

To make sure that you are not even near to osteoporosis, it is always a fair idea to get a bone density check up done at regular intervals. This will make sure that you will be able to adhere to medications to prevent the problem as soon as you know that you will cross the border line soon. This also gives you a detailed idea about the bone health. Also, it will help you in receiving proper care if you think you are near about the red signal. This is especially valid for women above the age of 45.

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