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How To Prevent Warts

Tips To Prevent Warts

[toc]At some time or other in our life, most of us have encountered warts on our bodies. Most of these warts are usually harmless and go away on their own although they can be a nuisance. Many people often confuse warts with moles. However, warts are quite small and skin colored lumps which are unusually rough whereas moles are quite large and darker in shade.

There are more than 100 types of HPV that exist and have the ability of causing warts on the skin. Nevertheless, different HPVs are responsible for giving rise to different warts. For instance, type 6 and 11 are primarily known to cause genital warts whereas types 1, 2 and 3 are known to be the reason why common warts appear all over the body. However, there are some simple tips available for preventing the same-

10 Tips On How To Prevent Warts

Exercise Caution

Antiseptic Cream To Prevent Warts

Previously, folklore existed and according to it, people contracted warts by coming in contact with toads and frogs. Nonetheless, this is just a myth which is usually associated with warts. An opening in the skin’s surface provides room for the virus and it slowly infects the body.

These warts are usually suffered by children rather than adults as children are more susceptible to cuts, cracks and scratches on the skin which allows the HPV to take root, spread and result in warts. So if you have open wounds and cuts, do apply antiseptic or cover them with a medical bandage.

Avoid Scratching

Avoid Scratching To Prevent Warts

Warts break off and crumble quite quickly because they are said to be friable. A wart will break apart if you scratch or pick at it. When it does break, it infects your fingers and if you scratch elsewhere with them, the virus will infect other sites as well. So do not scratch on small cuts, wounds and burns. It will change form and turn into a wart soon.

Shave Using Hygienic Methods

Shave Using Hygienic Methods For Warts

A common cause of warts on the face is because of the wrong method of shaving. The Academy of Dermatology has determined that shaving, particularly when using an old razor again can give rise to warts on the face.

So make sure that the razor you are using is clean and hygienic. Change the blades often and ensure that you dip it in alcohol or any other antiseptic solution to prevent the virus from happening in the first place.

Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands To Prevent Warts

Along with the above, it is highly advised that you wash your hands on a regular basis too. Use a good antiseptic hand wash for this purpose, because it will ensure that the germs are not transferred from others to you via food or even because of touching, which is a common source of getting warts via infection.

Heal Broken Skin

Heal Broken Skin To Prevent Warts

Open wounds like scratches, paper cuts or others make up the entry point of HPV in the body. Warts on hands and feet mostly occur in this manner. The skin can open up because blisters and sores are formed on feet due to friction.

No matter what area of broken skin it is, it will enable HPV to penetrate the body and cause an infection. However, once a person has come in contact with HPV, it will be dependent on the immune system as to when the warts will show up.

Do Not Bite Nails

Do Not Bite Nails

Warts can spread from one area of the fingertip and nails to another area because of biting the nails. This is because the cuticle and nail bed are vulnerable to an infectious virus just like an open skin. Biting also means that if your nails are already affected by the virus, then it can spread to the mouth. Use clean nail cutters for this purpose instead of biting or chipping them off.

Genital Hygiene

Wear Cotton Underwear To Prevent Warts

In the moist genital region of the body, when small, fleshy bumps appear, they are defined as genital warts. These warts are usually found in large clusters and their shape resembles to that of a ragged cauliflower. However, it is possible that one individual has HPV and genital warts but they are not visible. This is because once the person has come into contact with the virus; it can take days or months for the warts to make an appearance.

These warts usually have the same color as the skin and are small in size. But their appearance can vary so they can be large, flat and have a grayish shade. Maintain good hygiene like using cotton underwear, change your inner twice a day, keep the area dry and wash frequently, etc. This will prevent the virus from occurring in the first place.

Use Condoms

Use Condoms To Prevent Warts

Direct contact causes the infection to spread so sexual intercourse is the primary way through which it does transfer. Around two-thirds of those who get open to the elements of the virus end up being infected because HPV is highly contagious.

The risk of these warts increases with multiple sex partners, having another sexually transmitted disease or getting sexually active from a very early age. Use a condom to ensure that you do not get the disease from someone else.

Stay Away From Those Infected

Do Not Share Any Products For Warts

Similar to other infectious diseases, direct contact with an HPV infected individual can cause you to get warts as well. Direct contact does not only refer to touching the person who has been infected but it also involves using their towel, lip gloss or any other object used by the infected individual. Do not share any products, foods or toiletries with such individuals.


Honey To Prevent Warts

You should also try to have a detoxifying agent on a regular basis so that the virus can be excreted from the body. One of the easiest ways of doing so is consuming a spoon of honey with a bit of lime juice. You can also add this mixture to a glass of water, stir it well and then heat it a bit.

This lukewarm water will help you flush out toxins and enhance immunity, which helps in preventing warts too.So keep warts at bay with these simple and useful remedies.

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