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How To Prevent White Hair

Ways To Prevent White Hair

[toc]Next to body and skin, hair is also an important aspect when it comes to maintaining a beautiful outlook and an attractive personality. Looks is the first thing that we tend to notice when we meet someone new. The term first impression is the last one holds true to quite an extent and this is the reason why most of the people from the population put in great efforts to get a flawless appearance.

Since hair is one of them you would be really eager to know that there are a lot of issues that you need to take care of. Appearance of white hair way before the old age is quite prevalent nowadays. Starting from the young generation to the middle aged and even the old people are conscious about white hair and use techniques like dyeing to hide it.

The same is valid if you are in your late adulthood, but it is always recommended that you adhere to preventive measures to avoid the crisis in the first place especially when you are young. This will maintain your youthfulness and a charismatic effect on others around. Check the precautionary ideas below:

10 Effective Ways To Prevent White Hair

Use Gooseberry (Amla) On The Hair

Gooseberry To Reduce White Hair

As a natural preventive measure, Amla can be used for avoiding white hair. As per the professionals, complete treatment of already existing white hair is not possible though you can use temporary methods to hide it. Amla is one of the easily available products in the market and quite cheap for proper precaution towards white hair growth. A paste of the same can be made using water and applied on the hair for the next 1-2 hours. This should be rinsed well. Try and use it at least once in a week for best outcomes. For simpler versions of the same, Amla hair oil can be massaged.

Vegetable Juices Can Help

Vegetable Juices To Reduce White Hair

Fresh vegetable juices if consumed on a routine basis are one of the top notch prevention for white hair. You can either prepare juice using carrots, lettuce or alfalfa. The same can also be eaten in a vegetable form. Along with a shield to white hair, these juices are known to provide good levels of energy and vitality to the consumer. It is always suggested that you adhere to this measure for added benefits as well.

Stay Away From Bad Habits

Stop Alcohol To Reduce White Hair

There are certain habits that not only affect the body health but also the skin and hair health. Over consumption of alcohol and caffeine as well as habits of smoking can really lead to white hair in youngest of people. Herein, prescription drugs are also an example that should be within the limits. Try and shun these unhealthy aspects from your life if you want to stay away from the dreadful white hair that age you way before you cross youthfulness.

Lemon And Coconut Oil Combo Massage

Coconut Oil To Reduce White Hair

The unique combination of lemon juice with coconut oil can be easily prepared at home and used on the hair at least once in a week. This is supposed to be one of the wonderful ways in which you can prevent white hair from occurring. Try and maintain a strict regimen of using this natural remedy if you want excellent outcomes.

Black Tea Usage

Black Tea To Reduce White Hair

Black tea which is sugar free and without milk can be slowly and gently massaged on the scalp once in a while if you really plan to stay away from white hair in your early age. This is again one of the safest remedies and without any side effects if you want perfect answer to your question. This should be kept at least for one hour before you wash it off.

Maintain Good Health

Maintain Good Health For White Hair

In many cases, hormonal imbalance and an issue with the body functioning is what is responsible for the occurrence of white hair on the scalp. Here, the idea is to keep your health in perfect condition and get the diseases and infections treated, if any. Apart from this, in case of hormonal imbalance one should consult a professional and get medical help as soon as possible. By keeping the health under control, you can also keep white hair at bay.

Stay Stress Free

Stay Stress Free For White Hair

Whitening of hair at a really early age? Stress can be one of the reasons why you are facing this! The idea to prevent it beforehand is to keep the tension and stress to a minimal level. Try and learn how to manage the pressures of everyday life so as to not let it affect the body, skin and hair. Different relaxation techniques can be tried here like yoga, meditation and deep breathing along with taking our proper time to rest and sleep. This is really going to give expected outcomes.

Control Dyeing The Hair

Control Dyeing The Hair

As per the hair experts, the more you try to hide the white hair with dye, the more it will increase in quantity on your scalp. Try and not dye the handful number of white hair and use herbal remedies to hide them. This is another preventive measure that you can use for not increasing the amount of white hair on the head.

Drink Good Amounts Of Water

Drink More Water For White Hair

In a lot of cases, white hair occurs because of accumulated toxins and dirt on the scalp for a prolonged period of time. The best you can do you activate the hair follicles and product black hair as well as flush out the toxins for proper functioning is to drink good amounts of plain and filtered water. About 8-10 glasses of water are highly recommended in such a situation. Apart from this other healthy liquids can also be added. This hydrates the scalp, the skin and the body and has immeasurable benefits to go with.

Do Not Break The White Hair Strand

Do Not Break The White Hair Strand

The biggest mistake we make is to break a single white hair strand from the roots as soon as we see it. This makes the situation worse. In case you want to prevent white hair on the scalp, do not ever break any of them from the roots. Pulling them will increase the white hair extensively.

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