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How To Treat A Sinus Infection

Ways To Treat A Sinus Infection

[toc]A sinus infection can be easily treated with the antibiotics that are available naturally. You can find these items at home and they are easily available. These remedies attack the root cause of the problem and render long term results.

You can take in foods that are rich sources of anti-oxidants which are great in boosting the immunity and fighting sinus infections. You can also try some techniques like the cold therapy or steam. Using these remedies, it is also easier to push the mucus out of the system making it easier to breathe, sleep and relax during a sinus bout.

Tips To Treat A Sinus Infection

Steam With Herbs

Steam With Herbs For A Sinus Infection

Thick mucus needs to be cleared off to cure sinus infection which can be done with steam treatment. Steaming dilates the nasal path and loosens the mucus. Eucalyptus extracts or leaves can be dropped in boiling water and can be used for steaming. Alternatively, peppermint extracts too can be used. These are used over centuries and are proved to be effective in treating sinus infection. These are also excellent in clearing the stuffed passages and relieving the headache faster.

Steam Showers

Steam Shower For A Sinus Infection

The steamy showers and bathing in the hot tub are helpful when it comes to treating sinus. These help the sinuses from the nasal passage to loosen and aid in breathing easily. If you are not fit enough for a steam bath, sit on a chair and try a sponge bath. They have amazing effects. You also sweat a lot while following these and can feel that the block in the nose is reduced and if you have a temperature, the same is brought down.

Food Cure

Onion For A Sinus Infection

Foods like onion, ginger, garlic are the best for sinus treatment. They boost the immune system and aid in fighting the infection. Also, they are rich in anti-oxidants. Spices too are rich in anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Taking ginger with tea helps a lot to relieve the congestion and sore throat. Honey too can be used with hot water which dilates the nasal passages. Chicken soup when taken hot can make you feel better.

Grab Enough Rest And Sleep

Rest And Sleep For A Sinus Infection

Sinus infection needs enough rest to get cured. Use an extra pillow to keep the head high. This way you can keep of congestion and breathe easily. You need to take enough rest to avoid the infection getting increased. Only rest can boost the immune system. Do not overwork. Humidifiers too can help to relieve the congestion and lead to peaceful sleep. Also, using nasal strips are beneficial to grab good sleep.

Diluting The Mucus

Drink Water

There are various methods you can try to dilute the mucus and help to remove the block. Taking in plenty of water actually stops the mucus from thickening and let it flow off. Drinking lukewarm water is a good idea. You can also try beverages like tea to avoid thickening of mucus. There are heat packs available. Place them in the microwave to heat and hold it on the face. This is another useful remedy for helping to remove the mucus.

Sinus infection has to be treated with multifold of treatments. Natural ways do not have any adverse effects and are safe to use when compared with the over the counter medicines for sinus infection.

How To Treat A Sinus Infection

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