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5 How To Treat Bed Sores

Ways To Treat Bed Sores

[toc]The best treatment of bed sores is prevention. When the patient is in bed or in the wheelchair the patient’s position should be changed every two hours or fifteen minutes respectively. Cleaning the affected area with a salt-water solution also can be a treatment of bed sores.

If the body receives good nutrition from the daily intake of food, the body gets the power to heal itself which is a must in the cases of bed sores. Natural remedies with beetroot, honey, aloe vera and sugar can also be tried. The other known effective remedies are as follows.

5 Ways To Treat Bed Sores

Removing The Damaged Tissue

Removing The Damaged Tissue

The process of removing dead tissue is known as debridement. Debridement can be done using a lot of methods like surgical, mechanical, autolytic and enzymatic. In surgical debridement, the dead tissues are removed using surgery. In mechanical debridement, a pressurized irrigation device, specialized dressings and a whirlpool water bath are used to remove the tissues. In autolytic debridement, a dressing is used to keep the area moist and the body’s natural process of breaking down enzymes is recruited. Chemical enzymes are employed in enzymatic debridement.

Cleaning And Dressing Wounds

Cleaning And Dressing Wounds

There are two aspects of this treatment plan – one is cleaning and the other one is dressing the wounds or the sores. It is imperative in case of bed sores to clean the affected area so that the sore does not develop infections. This can be done with a mild soap and water or a saline solution. A dressing is important since it controls the infection and helps to keep the area clean and moist. Films, gauzes, gels, foams, etc. can be used as dressings.

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy For Bed Sores

This therapy is also known as ‘vacuum assisted closure’. In this type of therapy the wound is covered with a sterile sponge and a sticky bandage is used to cover the area so that no air goes in. The next step involves putting on a vacuum which is kept on at all times. The vacuum works by pulling out the drainage from the wound which stops the growth of bacteria and germs. The vacuum lets the blood supply get the surface of the sore so that new tissues can grow.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Bed Sores

In this kind of therapy, the patient is kept in a room where he/she has to breathe in oxygen at a high pressure. The oxygen helps to promote new skin and tissue growth. And also helps to increase the oxygen level in the blood. Hence, more oxygen can reach the skin and tissues and prevents tissue death and fights infection too. This therapy also promotes tissue healing. If a surgical closure of a sore is not healing properly, this therapy proves to be effective.

Natural Remedies

Calendula Flowers For Bed Sores

A concoction made with Calendula flowers can be a natural remedy to help in the treatment of bed sores. Since Calendula flowers have anti-inflammatory properties, they are useful in healing the wound. The concoction is applied over the sore several times to get the desired result. Manuka honey is also known for its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. The active Manuka honey is poured over the sterile gauze and it is left there for twelve hours and the procedure is repeated after every twelve hours.

The natural remedies to treat bed sores are easier to apply since the ingredients are easily available. Herbs like aloe vera, echinacea, horsetail and chamomile are effective in this regard. Applying zinc oxide and wheat germ oil can do wonders.

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