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How To Treat Bruises At Home

Ways To Treat Bruises At Home

[toc]Bruises are caused when a blow breaks blood vessels near the surface of the skin, resulting in blood leaking into the surrounding tissues. The blood that leaks out is trapped and a clot is created. This appears as a black-and-blue spot on the skin. Bruises often fade on their own in a few days time. There are also several natural bruises treatment one can employ to speed up the fading process.

Bruises are caused due to sports injuries, falls, accidents, and blows from people or objects. The chances of bruising are higher if one is already on medications like Aspirin. The symptoms of bruising are pain, discoloration and swelling.

For those who are not aware of why a bruise changes color over time, this happens because the body is repairing the bruise by breaking it down and reabsorbing the blood. Bruises occur both under the skin as well as on the surface, when the skin is cut. Follow these simple bruise treatment remedies to speed up the healing process in the body.

10 Treatments Of Bruises At Home

Ice Pack

Ice Pack To Reduce Bruises

Apply an ice pack on the bruised area as soon as possible. Ice helps to constrict the injured blood vessels thus preventing the bruise from getting bigger. If the blood vessels around the bruised area are cooled, less blood leaks out into the surrounding tissue. Wrap a few pieces of ice in a clean washcloth or use a flexible ice pack to treat the bruise as soon as possible.

Most athletes arrive at sporting events fully equipped with first aid and ice packs to treat bruises immediately. A good alternative to an ice pack is a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a towel. Apply the pack to the bruise and take it off after ten minutes. Reapply after about twenty minutes. Repeat three times immediately after the bruise occurs.

Elevate The Bruised Area

Elevate The Bruised Area

If possible, lift the bruised area off the ground to reduce the blood flow that occurs naturally due to gravity. Lifting the bruised area so that it is above the level of the heart prevents blood from flowing copiously into the bruise thus reducing discoloration.

Hot Compress

Hot Compress To Reduce Bruises

After twenty four hours of the injury, apply a hot compress to the bruised region of the body. The heat will help to circulate the blood that has coagulated underneath the damaged skin, flushing it out quickly.

You can use either a warm compress or a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel. Apply heat for at least half an hour to improve blood circulation. A hot compress following a cold compress is a potent treatment of bruises.

Protect The Bruise

Bandage To Reduce Bruises

Protect the bruise by wrapping an elastic bandage around the injured portion. By squeezing the tissues underneath the damaged area of the body, the bandage helps to prevent blood vessels from leaking more blood into the surrounding tissues thus helping in the healing process.

As far as possible keep the bruise closed and clean. If the skin has already broken, wash the injure portion thoroughly with soap and water and apply some antiseptic cream and cover with a wad of clean cotton and a band-aid.


Proper Rest To Reduce Bruises

Exercising your muscles increases blood flow to that area; causing a blood leak into the tissues surrounding the bruise. Rest the bruised portion and prevent using that body part as far as possible to give the injured area a chance to heal. Do not engage in physical activity as far as possible and rest the body muscles to prevent further damage to the bruise. Sleep early as your body needs sleep to repair itself and heal broken skin.

Gently massage the bruise and surrounding area as often as possible. Stop massaging immediately if you feel any pain. This helps the lymphatic processes of your body to treat the bruise naturally. Follow these home remedies to treat bruises effectively and promote quick healing.


Parsley To Reduce Bruises

If you are unsure of how to treat bruises at home, parsley is an excellent agent to cure bruises and promote skin repair. Crush a handful of fresh parsley and spread them over the bruise. Wrap the injured area with an elastic bandage to decrease inflammation, reduce pain and promote quick healing and fading of the bruise.

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil To Reduce Bruises

Another curative agent is lavender oil. Applying a cloth soaked with cold water and a few drops of lavender oil to the bruise. Lavender reduces swelling of the bruised area of the body, controls bleeding under the skin and is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

Arnica (Arnica Montana)

Arnica To Reduce Bruises

Arnica is a treatment for a bruise that helps to relieve body pain caused by bruising as well as inflammation of the injured area. It also helps to speed up recovery and promotes quick healing of the injured tissues. Creams, ointments and skin lotions contain arnica. An important note is not to use products containing this compound on an open wound.


Vinegar To Reduce Bruises

Dip a clean cloth in a few drops of vinegar and dab gently on the bruise. An alternative remedy is to mix a few drops of vinegar in warm water and rub it over the injured area. Vinegar is a healing agent as it increases blood flow to the skin’s surface to dissipate the accumulated blood in the bruised area. This is an excellent home treatment for a bruise.

Cayenne (Capsicum annuum)

Cayenne To Reduce Bruises

Cayenne peppers contain the compound capsaicin that helps to reduce pain and inflammation caused by a bruise on the body. Capsaicin also helps to promote the healing process and bruise fading. Cream or ointment that contains cayenne helps to reduce pain immediately and prevent inflammation of the bruise.

Once you have applied cayenne to the afflicted area, you need to wash your hands thoroughly to prevent burning in the eyes or nose that cayenne caused if accidentally rubbed near them. This bruises treatment must not be applied to open wounds.


Diet To Reduce Bruises

Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin C and flavonoids that help the body regenerate collagen used to fortify the blood vessels. Foods that are rich in Vitamin C and flavonoids are leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits, prunes, pineapple and bell pepper. These foods speed up the healing process for quick bruise fading. Use these simple home remedies to treat bruises.

It is also important that you are aware of when to see a doctor. Most bruises do not indicate a serious medical condition, and can be safely treated at home. However you must consult your doctor immediately if the bruising is accompanied by high fever, infections with pus, you feel extreme pressure around the bruised area or you find your body is bruised without any apparent bumps or skin scrapes.