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How To Treat Cold Sores

Ways To Treat Cold Sores

[toc]Cold sores are not just painful but also a cosmetic embarrassment. They are uncomfortable and erupt on the skin due to cold or stress, due to emotional or physical activity. Cold sores often hibernate in the wake of an infection, they normally come to life when you become stressed, get run down by high fever, etc.

Cold sores often attack women during their menstrual cycle. They can erupt on the skin due to exposure to sun or snow. Cold sores occur on the human body due to a herpes simplex virus. This usually happens when the immunity system of the human body is weak. There are a lot of over the counter medicines for the treatment and alleviation of the pain associated with this disease. But you can always find the best medicines in your kitchen.

Various Ways To Treat Cold Sores

Curing With Salt

Salt For Cold Sores

When you use salt on the cold sores for the first time you will have to be prepared for the extreme pain that occurs during the application of medicine. This medicine will sting. Take some table salt in a bowl. Press down the salt with a spoon so that you can crush the salt into powder form. You will have to take a sterile cotton swab and dip it into the salt, apply it to your sores and leave it for 10 minutes. You can repeat this process thrice daily till the sores dry out completely.

You can also make another medicine with the help of salt and toothpaste. You will just have to squeeze a small quantity of toothpaste in a bowl. Always remember to avoid gel based toothpaste as they do not have similar drying effect on the sores. You can add one teaspoon of salt in this bowl and mix the toothpaste and salt properly. Then apply this mixture on the cold sore and leave it overnight. You can wash it off in the morning.

You can make a medicine from lime wedges and salt. To make this medicine, you will have to cut a lime into wedges. Put some salt on a plate and then dip the lime wedge in salt. You can place this salted lime wedge on the sore of your skin and apply pressure. Hold this medicine on the sore for 5 minutes and wash. You can repeat this medicine 2 times daily.

Over The Counter Medicines

Counter Medicines For Cold Sores

If you are suffering from cold sores then you can also take the help of over the counter medications. The antiviral topical creams and lotions can always help in limiting the minor outbreaks. If these creams are used at the early stage then they can prove to be really helpful.

The antiviral tablets can prevent the reoccurrence of this disease and limit the severity of the attack. But it is always recommended to check up with your doctor and take prescribed medication accordingly. You can also read the dosage recommendation on the medicine pack and take action accordingly. When using topical cream you will have to apply it more frequently.


Nutrition For Cold Sores

Now, since the cold sores are also a sign of being run down or tired, you will have to make sure that you are able to boost the nutritional requirement of your daily diet when suffering from this attack. Cold sores can make eating seem a very difficult task, therefore, you might have to rely on chicken soup, boiled or mashed vegetables etc.

This kind of food will contain a high quantity of protein, vitamins and minerals. If you can, then chew some pumpkin seeds everyday as they have a high content of zinc. Brazilian nuts are rich in selenium and avocado is rich in vitamin E. You can also try to include lots of garlic in your food as it boosts the immunity system of your body.

Herbal Remedy

Herbal Oils For Cold Sores

If you do not want to use the chemical based topical creams then you there are herbal extracts and oils which have antiviral properties and are a great healer. Tea tree oil (is very good for pimples), aloe vera pulp, oil of cade, leek juice, clove oil, sliced garlic, and lavender oil.

Lemon balm tea can also be an effective medication if it is taken internally. This herb has antiviral properties that fight the cold sores from within the body. There are herbal capsules available over the counter, you can take goldenseal capsules and Echinacea to kill the virus and boost the immunity of the body.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil For Cold Sores

Tea tree oil can easily help in fighting the cold sores. Tea tree oil has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Therefore, it will help in killing the root cause of the disease. This oil will also help in boosting the immunity system of the human body.

If you have successfully located the cold sores at the beginning then you will need to apply the tea tree oil daily till the day they clear away completely. Even after the cold sores are gone completely, you must keep applying this oil for a few days to be certain that they will not return. This oil is natural and completely safe. You can apply this oil 5 times daily after properly cleansing the affected area.


Hygiene For Cold Sores

You have to understand that cold sores are highly infectious. Therefore, you must refrain from kissing anyone, even an animal. You must avoid physical contact with the affected region. You are not to share the wash cloths, towel, face tissues, toothbrush, eating utensils with anyone in the house.

Ice Cube

You must take an ice cube and hold it over the cold sore till it melts completely. Do not drink the water that comes out from the sore! The area will become painful at first but it is always worth to get rid of the ugly cold sore, than to fight the pain for a long time. Take a clean and fresh towel and dab your sore dry.

Now, you must take a cotton swab and rub it in alcohol. Then rub this swab on the cold sore at once. When you do this for half an hour to a close to an hour you will notice a difference immediately. You must understand that rubbing alcohol on your cold sore with pain a lot.

Ice Cube For Cold Sores

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