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How To Treat Dry Eyes In 7 Easy Ways

Ways To Treat Dry Eyes

[toc]A dry eye is a classic condition represented in over used or over worked eyes. There is a tear film above the conjunctiva and cornea of the eye. This tear film is important because the rest of the eye is generally hydrophobic and doesn’t have the capacity to lubricate itself over time.

The tear film swells up and due to the process of osmosis; the water is brought to rest of the parts of the eye. Infection of certain areas of the lacrimal or tear glands can also cause dry eyes.There are really efficient remedies to get rid of dry eyes and here is a small list to help you out –

7 Efficient Remedies To Get Rid Of Dry Eyes

Decrease Salt Intake

Decrease Salt Intake For Dry Eyes

If you wake up at night to use the washroom and notice that your eyes are dry try to drink a glass of water and see if there is improvement in the dryness of your eyes. If yes, then during the day salt is absorbing the water content and hence the eyes are getting diminished supply. Reduce the salt content in your food and notice the changes in a few days.

Use Artificial Tear Drops

Artificial Tear Drops For Dry Eyes

It is easy to treat dry eyes at home. Use an eye dropper or artificial tear drops that continue to moisturize your eyes even though natural water isn’t available.

Avoid Heat

Avoid Heat For Dry Eyes

Heat can also be a reason for dry eyes. Keep away from direct heat like a heater, oven or hair driers. Wear sun glasses each time you go out in the sun or pollution because due to excess exposure your eyes are likely to be damaged more.

Do Not Rub Your Eyes

Do Not Rub Your Eyes

When you rub your eyes too often, it causes dryness. Avoid unnecessary rubbing of eyes because that doesn’t help in spreading the tears evenly throughout the eyes.


Ointments For Dry Eyes

These are basically to induce lacrimation or increasing the tears in the eyes. Lubrication of your eyes will be enhanced and these are used to people who are generally allergic to artificial tears. It is less irritant and completely safe to use. You can buy them at any pharmacological store that is near your place.


Drugs For Dry Eyes

Hydroxypropyl methycellulose is a drug that is used in treating dry eyes. It enhances the lubrication of your eyes by clearing or unclogging the tear glands. It is known to be very effective but you should always consult an ophthalmologist or an eye specialist before taking drugs. If they do not suit you, the doctor will recommend another set of drugs or another variation containing the same agents.


Antibiotics For Dry Eyes

If you’re dry eyes condition is due to a root cause try using antibiotics like tetracycline or erythromycin for the same. You may be able to drive away the main cause as well as treat the existing symptoms very easily. Dry eyes can be aggravated by too much working in front of a screen so if you tend to use the computer often or your job is a one that requires excessive computer use, make sure that you give your eyes adequate periods of rest.

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