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How To Treat Food Poisoning

Ways To Treat Food Poisoning

[toc]Food poisoning is a common disease that can affect any mortal on earth. This disease occurs due to natural toxins of some food products, contamination of food products during processing, undercooked meat and food spoilage. The symptoms of food poisoning are diarrhoea, vomiting, fever, headaches and cramps. A person suffering from this disease can recover on its own in a few days time. But they can even take some measures at home to make the healing easier and faster.

But it is also advised to visit a doctor before you begin any self-treatment at home. The symptoms of food poisoning can actually occur after a few hours or days of eating contaminated food. The contaminated food can have bacteria, virus, or parasites and this contamination can occur at any time of the preparation of food. Below are some tips and tricks to treat food poisoning easily at your home.

9 Various Ways To Treat Food Poisoning

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drink Water For Food Poisoning

Water, juices, clear soups and other drinks that are easy and safe on the stomach must be on the top priority list after you get affected from this disease. The extra fluid will keep your stomach cool and hydrated. If you want you can also speak to your doctor about drinking electrolyte solution.

This step is extremely essential for kids and old aged and you can replace the electrolyte solution with diarrhoea or vomiting. You must take small sips from your glass and if possible drink from a straw. Doing this will help in keeping the stomach stabilized.

Consult A Doctor

Consult Doctor For Food Poisoning

You must visit a doctor if the symptoms of food poisoning do not go away in a few days with the help of home remedies. If you are experiencing fever, trouble in vision, breathing problem or eating then you must contact a doctor immediately.

These are some symptoms that could also lead the doctors to another disease or allergy. If you experienced food poisoning due to seafood or mushrooms then seek medical help immediately.

Eat Bland Foods

Bland Foods Reduce Food Poisoning

When you start recovering slowly and want to eat solid food, you must begin with bland food. Eat banana, rice, dry toast, crackers etc. these food are easily digestible and happy on your stomach. Do not eat greasy, fatty, spicy and dairy food items till the time you get completely hale and hearty. If the person is experiencing food poisoning then you must not force him to eat food. It is very important for the person to stay on fluids for the time being.

Get Plenty Of Rest

Proper Rest Reduce Food Poisoning

This disease is annoying and exhausting. There are many times when people suffering from this disease do not get full eight hours of rest. This is because of various symptoms that keep hitting the patient throughout the day and night. If you do not feel like it then rest throughout the day.

This will give ample of time to your body to get rid of the bacteria from your body. Do not deprive yourself off the sleep because it will make you much more susceptible to other diseases like flu, cough and cold etc. And for any patient and added illness will never be good news.

Avoid Anti Diarrhoea Medicines

Medicines Reduce Food Poisoning

You must not take diarrhoea medications unless it is prescribed by the physician. You body will be trying to release all the toxins in this disease. This is the reason why diarrhoea and vomiting are two common symptoms of food poisoning.

The diarrhoea medicines will actually help in relieving the discomfort from your body but it might stop your body from releasing the toxins. Take these medications only after the approval of your doctor.

Induce Vomiting For Cure

Induce Vomiting To Reduce Food Poisoning

Now, before you take ipecac, make sure you have a garbage bin or bowl ready with an unused plastic bag lined on the wall. This medicine can take effect immediately or even 30 minutes after the ingestion into a human body. Now, after you have vomited, you will definitely feel light and better almost instantly. But make sure you still visit a doctor and show him the contents of the bag. The doctor might take your bag for examination.

But before you take ipecac, you must be able to correctly determine the dosage of this syrup. Adults and kids above the age of 12 can be administered up to 2 tablespoon of this syrup. Children below the age of 12 must be administered one tablespoon and babies will require less than 2 teaspoon of the medicine. When you take the recommended dosage always follow it with three glasses of water to dilute it immediately. Always keep your head down and you will never choke. After the vomiting is over and your stomach is empty, you can make a drink of an ounce of activated charcoal and water. Sipping this liquid will help calm your stomach and your whole body. This liquid will also nullify the effect of ipecac.

Acidic Liquid

Lemon Juice To Reduce Food Poisoning

You can also consider taking some acidic liquid as a part of the home treatment. The acid in the liquid will help in fighting and killing the bacteria. It will also release the tension and trouble of the stomach. You can take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice on an empty stomach.

Avoid Solid Food

Avoid Solid Food For Food Poisoning

The first thing you must do after food poisoning has hit you is to stop eating. This is the time when you should leave your body alone. Your body needs to flush out the toxins and bacteria and eating food might just add to your problems. Your stomach is a very sensitive area and you thus have to deal with it very gently indeed.

Replenish Electrolytes

Coconut Oil For Food Poisoning

During food poisoning the human body also loses electrolytes. These are substances that help in maintaining the proper functioning of the vital organs of the human body. This is a very important substance and thus has to be replenished at the outset.

When you drink clear liquids make sure you also get sports drink made for yourself. You can also drink coconut water, or rehydration drink of the kids. Coconut water is naturally sweet but apart from that makes sure you note down carefully the sugar content of other drinks.

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