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5 Ways To Treat Foot Fungus

Ways To Treat Foot Fungus

[toc]Fungi in the feet are very common. Fungus in the toe (also known by the name of ‘onychomycosis’) especially affects nearly half of the population aged 70 and above. It is unsightly and uncomfortable. The good news is that you can heal your feet and get rid of the fungus with proper treatment. 

Negligence, on the other hand, can cost you. Before you reach that stage where you need serious medical treatment, there are certain things you can do to stop the fungus from spreading. This article will show you some ways to do it.

Ways To Treat Foot Fungus

Use Vaseline

Vaseline Reduce Foot Fungus

Deprive the fungusof oxygen. This is very important if you want to stop the spread of the infection to other parts of your feet. One remedy is to smear the affected portion at night with Vaseline.

Use it only when the skin is completely dry to prevent water from being trapped inside as it would facilitate the growth of the fungus. If your toes are affected, you can also apply nail polish to cut down the oxygen supply completely.

Change The environment

Do Not Wear Shoes For Foot Fungus

The fungus keeps growing because it is a living thing. You should keep in mind that it is only living because the conditions are favorable. If you change the environment, you can effectively check its spread.

Stop wearing heavy, enclosed shoes and expose your feet to the sun. Use wider shoes with more room for your feet to breathe. It is said that fungi thrive in cool and dark places. However, if you sunbathe, do not forget to put on sunscreen to avoid burns on those affected areas.

Hot Bath

Hot Bath Reduce Foot Fungus

This is something that many people have tried and you might be benefitted from it too. Wash your feet in water and then pamper your feet in a warm bath. Do this every day for at least two weeks.

You will need some vinegar, peroxide, bicarbonate and Epsom salt to make the bath. Soak the affected parts in the solution. Take a cotton swab dipped in white vinegar and put it on the infected area as a cover. Change it at night. Continue doing this until the fungus is gone.


Garlic Reduce Foot Fungus

Ajoene, an antifungal compound is present in garlic. Garlic has proved to be extremely effective for people suffering from fungal infections in their feet. Since, ajoene solutions aren’t all that commercially available, you can put a few slices of garlic in hot water to make an effective bath for your feet.

For getting better results, you may also add a few drops of Listerine in the solution. Listerine contains thymol, an active ingredient which has antifungal properties. Its healing properties are recognized by many doctors today.

Orange Oil

Orange Oil Reduce Foot Fungus

Another method is to use 5-10% pure orange oil easily available at garden centers and agricultural centers. It is a mixture of vinegar and alcohol. It is, however, not to be confused with the other orange oil which is a cleaning product for electronic appliances. Apply daily for obtaining the best results until the fungal condition disappears.

If your toes are affected, you can apply it between the toes or under the toenail. You can also get a dropper from a pharmacy or any departmental store to apply it effectively. Fungal infections in the feet should not be neglected. Before they spread to other parts of your feet and legs, follow one of the above treatments and get rid of the condition in quick time.

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