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5 Ways To Treat Gum Disease

Ways To Treat Gum Disease

[toc]Treatment for gum disease involves fighting and controlling the infection which is the focus. The extent of the ailment decides the treatment methods and there are many of them. The doctor finds the suitable treatment based on the tests and this does not mean that that the medical aid can do away with the gum disease permanently.

The patient has a vital role to play as he or she has to maintain the oral health in order to make sure that the treatment is a complete success. The lifestyle changes are required to keep off the gum disease permanently. Here are a few ideas on how to treat gum disease.

Ways To Treat Gum Disease


Medication For Gum Disease

The medications are offered to control the infection. Only based on the results after consuming the medicines, the option of surgical treatment is decided for most of the patients. The mouth rinse which contains anti-microbial properties is suggested.

This should be used as a mouth wash. To reduce the periodontal pockets, the small pieces of gelatin are placed after root planing. The medicine is released gradually. At times, a gel is also prescribed which releases the medicine gradually over 7 days.


Surgery For Gum Disease

The flap surgery is done to remove the tartars. This removes the periodontal pockets and the gums remain clean. During this process the gums are lifted and the pockets are cleaned. Sutures help the gums to return to the original posture.

The teeth appear longer after this procedure and the gums stick tightly to the teeth than before. Another surgical method involves placing of the bones or synthetic bones if there are bone losses in the gums. This is to ensure that the bone growth is stimulated.

Scaling And Root Planing

Scaling And Root Planing

Scaling and root planing are done by the dentists to remove the plaque. These methods are deep cleaning methods. Scaling involves the tartar removal from the gum line. The tooth has a few rough spots. In such spots, it is easier for the bacteria to grow.

Root planing is the method that cleans these spots. Laser can also be used to remove the tartar and the plaque. When compared with the older methods of deep cleaning, the laser treatment has lesser bleeding, inflammation and discomfort.

Home Remedies

Honey For Gum Disease

Applying honey after brushing the teeth can help to fight against the bacterial infection. This is because of the anti-bacterial properties of honey. However, do not apply much honey because it contains sugar too. Tea bags placed on the gums can combat the infection.

The tea has tannic acid which fights against the gum infection. The tea bags should be cooled for this procedure. Bacterial growth on teeth is prevented by cranberries. Drink the cranberry juice that does not contain sweeteners. Make a solution of water and sea salt and swishing it for a few seconds in the mouth can also help. Repeat the process a few times.

Habit Changes

Stop Smoking For Gum Disease

Reduce stress. Stress and dental health are related and the immune system is low when you are stressed which subsequently leads to various dental problems. You need to take in foods that are rich in Vitamin C. The antioxidants in Vitamin C rich foods can help to fight against the various gum diseases. Also, Vitamin D intake has to be increased.

Stop smoking and stop using tobacco. Instead of regular toothpaste, tea tree oil toothpaste can be used. This helps in killing the bacteria of the teeth. With the changes of habits and a healthy diet regime, it is easy to fight off the gum diseases. However, you need to stick to your medication until otherwise said by the doctor.

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