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How To Treat Hiccups In Adults

[toc]Hiccups might not be one problem that has any repercussions on the health but it is quite a discomforting aspect that the sufferer has to go through. Herein, if we try to explain hiccups then it is an involuntary contraction that occurs in the diaphragm and happens a lot of times in one minute.


Since it is happens constantly, there is immediate requirement of treatments to get rid of the problem. For those adults who are facing the crisis can look into the detailed guide below that gives top notch remedies to cure hiccups effectively. All you need to do is follow it with due diligence.

7 Ways To Treat Hiccups In Adults

Breathing in Technique

One of the techniques that can be used for the treatment of hiccups in adults is breathing in as much as possible. This should be done without letting any of the air to go out. Keep swallowing and inhaling till the time you can. The moment when you think you can’t inhale anymore, start exhaling the air. This is known to reset the breath again and thus treat hiccups.


Sweeten It Up

Having a teaspoon full of sugar and keeping it at the back of the tongue is a good old remedy where treatment of hiccups in adults is concerned. The sugar basically overloads the passage and thus helps in quick recovery from the discomforting hiccups. It is known to be one of the simplest methods of treatment.


Put Your Hands on the Ears

According to many professionals an easy therapy to stop hiccups is to place the hands on the ears. However, you need to be really gentle in this technique and ensure that the finger does not stick in too deep as it may cause injury. This should be done for a few minutes at regular intervals to get effective results for hiccup treatment.

cover ears

Getting Scared Helps

A lot of situations have shown that getting scared all of a sudden can actually help in subsiding hiccups. This might not be something that you would love to try but it is definitely one that is very efficient. Surprises and overwhelming feelings can actually treat hiccups in adults.


Drinking or Gargling Water

Either drinking some water or gargling with the same really helps in giving good results where treating hiccups are concerned. It is one of the simple home remedies that can give you much faster results than you expect. It actually interrupts the cycle of the hiccups and get you some relieve.


Stay Away from Spicy Foods

Spicy foods will not only worsen the condition of hiccups further but it will also hamper the treatment process that you are planning to undertake. The best to be done is to keep away any kinds of spice from the meals at least till you recover from the problem completely.

Cayenne Pepper

Peanut Butter Way

One of the delicious and interesting ways to treat hiccups is to have a spoonful of peanut butter or nutella and keep it in the mouth for 5-10 seconds. This should be then gulped down to ensure treatment of hiccups in adults.

Peanut Butter