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6 Ways To Treat Malaria

Ways To Treat Malaria

[toc]Malaria is a disease which affects hundreds of people every year mostly in the tropical and sub tropical countries where there are plenty of marshes, swamps, stagnant water accumulations as well as poorly fed population. It is a disease which is caused and spread by female mosquito bites. The main symptom of malaria is very high fever accompanied by shivering. Along with high fever the patient also suffers from acute headaches, body and limb pain and nausea.

Prolong high temperature makes a person very weak, so it is very important to treat it immediately in order to reduce the sufferings. Though there are good antibiotic medicines that effectively treat malaria but these antibiotics have various side effects. It is thus best to follow certain effective natural home remedies to treat malaria completely. Below are few very useful home remedies to treat malaria effectively.

6 Effective Ways To Treat Malaria

Drink Holy Basil Juice

Basil Juice For Malaria

Holy basil juice is an excellent remedy to treat malaria. In order to prepare this juice you need to mix the 3 gm black pepper powder in the holy basil juice and drink it during the time of fever. This juice effectively helps to reduce the fever and treat malaria to a considerable extent.

The holy basil is a good prophylactic agent against malaria and has been used as an effective home remedy since the ancient times. The holy basil juice is so effective that even if the disease attacks, its severity would be reduced to a great extent. Drinking this thus helps to treat malaria completely.

Drink Grape Juice

Grape Juice For Malaria

Grape fruit juice is another very effective natural remedy to treat malaria. Grape fruit juice alleviates the symptoms of malaria and therefore helps to cure the disease completely. Boil a quarter of grapefruits and strain its pulp so that you get a clear juice. Drink this extract every day and you would find remarkable changes in your condition.

Drink A Mixture Of Cinnamon Powder, Water And Honey

Cinnamon Powder For Malaria

Cinnamon is another very effective remedy for treating malaria. Take a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon and boil it in a glass of water, and then add a pinch of pepper and a teaspoon of honey. Mix the mixture well and drink it regularly. This mixture not only treats malaria but also improves the immune system of the body as well.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean

Surroundings Clean For Malaria

Another simple way to treat malaria is to keep your surrounding clean and hygienic so that breeding of mosquitoes can be prevented. Close open drains and also drain out excess water. Appropriate sanitation is also essential so that the surrounding is clean and germ free. A clean and hygienic environment would help to treat malaria faster.

Apply Cold Pack

Cold Pack For Malaria

Applying cold pack in the forehead during high fever in malaria also gives a lot of relief and helps to treat malaria to a great extent. You can either compress the fore head with an ice pack or you can also put a cold wet linen cloth over your forehead whenever there is high fever. Cold pack helps to reduce the temperature and gives you a lot of relief and comfort.

Eat Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet For Malaria

It is very important to eat a healthy diet in order to treat malaria effectively. Malaria makes you very weak so it is important to eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Eat good quantity of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruit juices rich in vitamins are also very effective. Avoid junk food, packed food as well as spicy and oily food as they are very harmful during malaria. Eat less spicy food which is easily digestible. If you follow a proper healthy diet then you can treat malaria faster. Follow these effective home remedies to treat malaria effectively.

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