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How To Treat Ringworm

Ways To Treat Ringworm

[toc]Ringworm is a fungal infection that is very contagious and can affect the nails, scalp, feet or any other part of the body. This disease often makes a red ring on the affected area. Ring worm is not caused by any worm but it is actually caused by fungal dermatophytes.

This can be treated by apply harsh anti-fungal medications on the affected area. But you can also make use of natural home remedies that d not have any side effect and lay out positive results! The natural remedies will treat the ringworm worm at home saving the unwanted costly bills of the doctor and pharmacy.

11 Ways To Treat Ringworm

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar Reduce Ringworm

You can soak a cotton ball in vinegar and apply it over the affected area. This remedy can be performed for several times in one day. This is the oldest and a very effective remedy for the treatment of ringworm. Apple cider vinegar is naturally anti-fungal and will easily match the pH of the skin. It will aid in killing the fungus without causing further harm to the skin.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil Reduce Ringworm

You will first have to wash the affected area properly. Then gently apply a layer of tea tree oil with the help of a cotton swab or ball. You can repeat this medication several times a day. Terpinen-4-ol is the main substance of the tea tree oil and it gets absorbed rapidly in the skin and begins killing fungus from the roots. This remedy can clear the ringworm in a very short time.

Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea Salt Reduce Ringworm

You can apply the Dead Sea salt on the affected area to dry the fungus naturally. This remedy can be a little rough for your skin but it is very effective. Dead Sea salt is available in grain form for cooking and in body scrubs. You can apply the scrub n the affected area or mix sea salt with some water and apply it on the ringworm till it disappears completely.

Slice Of Raw Papaya

Raw Papaya Reduce Ringworm

You can take a slice of raw papaya and rub it on the affected area and the rash caused by ringworm. Let the papaya sit on the rash for 15 minutes and then wash away with hot water. This is also a very popular natural cure for ringworm this is because the enzyme in papaya will aid in killing the fungus which causes this disease.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Reduce Ringworm

If you are suffering from ringworm then you can also apply the gel of aloe vera. Aloe Vera will provide a cooling effect to the ringworm. You can also slice the leaf of Aloe Vera from the middle, scoop the flesh and apply directly on your skin.

There are natural creams and lotions that contain Aloe vera.These topical lotions will work well for your disease too. The aloe vera will heal the ringworm and aid in healing the itching.

Turmeric And Honey

Turmeric & Honey Reduce Ringworm

Turmeric is a well known herb and is used in many Ayurvedic medicines for its healing properties. Yu can make an ointment mixing equal amount of turmeric and honey. Apply the salve on the ringworm affected area honey is a natural anti-biotic and a moisturizer. It will heal the ringworm and make the area smooth.

Black Walnut Paste

Black Walnut Paste Reduce Ringworm

You can use black walnut to cure the ringworm. This home remedy is now being used worldwide. You can pick a green and unripe walnut from the tree. Crack the walnut open and inside you will find a black paste or oil. You can apply this black paste on the ringworm for several times a day and son the disease will completely disappear from the skin.


Garlic Reduce Ringworm

You can cut ten cloves of garlic lengthwise and place all of them in a bowl. Keep it aside. Always remember that garlic has anti-fungal properties that make it ideal remedy for curing the ringworms. Garlic can easily kill a small patch of ringworm in less than 12 hours of time. You can apply the cut pieces of garlic on the ringworm patch and rub it gently over them. Just use one love per patch and keep discarding the pieces as you use them. You can also ask another person to help you rub these pieces in areas where you cannot reach.

But make sure that your helper has worn latex gloves before touching the area as it is very contagious. Cover the patches with an adhesive tape bandage as they start to dry up. You can repeat all the steps twice a day and do not keep the ringworm patches wet. The ringworm will disappear completely when you apply this remedy for one whole week. There are no side effects to applying this medication. If the ringworm has become large and is not getting away by simple remedies at home then you must consult a doctor immediately.

Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed Reduce Ringworm

Mustard seeds are a natural cure for cleaning the patch of ringworm. You will have to make a powder of the mustard seeds. Add a little water to make it a paste and apply it on the affected areas. The mustard seeds will help in alleviating the itching and inflammation caused by the rash of the ringworm.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil Reduce Ringworm

If the ringworm has found a way on your scalp then you need not worry. This can be treated with the help of castor oil. If you find a ringworm patch on the scalp then you must apply castor oil directly on the patch with the help of a cotton ball.

The castor oil will prevent the ringworm from spreading across the scalp. It also controls itching and flaking of the scalp. Apply the oil every six hours till the patch disappears completely.

Pau D’arco

Pau D'arco Reduce Ringworm

Pau d’arco is a native herb of South America. This herb can be used for the treatment of most of the infections and even cancer. Pau d’arco has anti-fungal properties that are added in most of the ointments today. The extracts of this herb is taken from the bark of the tree. This is the reason why pau d’arco is a great herbal treatment for ringworm.

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