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5 Ways To Treat Snoring

Ways To Treat Snoring

[toc]Do you snore? Are you a victim of snoring? Well, in either case, you are not alone. Fifty percent of the couples say that their partners snore. It is even common for partners not to share the same bed due to this problem. Snoring can also be extremely embarrassing if you have roommates or if you travel regularly with your colleagues and coworkers and spend nights together in hotels.

Nevertheless, snoring is not untreatable. In fact, there are several ways to treat your or your partner’s snoring condition effectively. This article will discuss some of those treatments in detail.

5 Various Ways To Treat Snoring

CPAP Device

CPAP Device Reduce Snoring

One effective method to solve the snoring problem is to use a machine called the CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device every night. It increases the air pressure in the nose and mouth preventing any obstruction of the air flow and consequently increasing the flow of oxygen.

There are also other devices that can be purchased at the pharmacy that extend the nostrils making it unnecessary to breathe through the mouth. Devices such as the CPAP are always an effective cure for people who snore.


Surgery Reduce Snoring

While surgery is a last resort, it is not too unrealistic an option. Some people have a tonsil or an elongated adenoid condition causing them to snore. They often remove or reduce it through a surgery to improve airflow.  Also, excess mucus on the palate obstructs the passage of air in the first airway and causes snoring.

Normal breathing in such cases can be restored by vaporizing laser surgery of the soft palate bands. The procedure is performed in a lot of hospitals today under the effect of anesthesia.

Natural Antihistamines

Antihistamines Reduce Snoring

The first thing to know is whether the cause of your snoring is an allergy. Use natural antihistamines for curing allergies from dust and mites as well as food. Often, the sore throat that’s responsible for your snoring is caused by dairy. Interestingly, we often believe that we catch cold after eating ice cream, when in fact the sore throat is due to an allergy. Getting rid of allergies will go a long way in curing your snoring problem.

Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

The lungs are the only body parts that move despite not having muscles. Small membranes mechanically expel dust and other debris that we acquire through the air and that our bodies do not need. If you smoke during the day, the cleansing mechanism of the lungs remains inactive.

This important activity therefore, increases during the night when you are less exposed to pollutants. This causes the throat to become sore, inflamed and you begin to snore. Cutting down on your smoking habits will reduce your snoring tendencies among other health benefits.

Menthol Inhalers And Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea Reduce Snoring

Menthol inhalers clear the nasal airways and can help you deal with the problem of blocked nasal passages causing you to snore. Another very effective alternative is to drink Oolong tea a few hours before sleeping because its vapor captures pollutants in the lungs and pushes them out. However, try not to drink it too late at night as it contains caffeine.

Natural medicine and homeopathy contain herbs that perform the same function and may aid in the problem.
Snoring is rarely taken seriously. But it must be recognized as a sign that something in your body is not right. Besides, it is extremely annoying for others. Follow any of the above treatment techniques and bid good riddance to snoring.

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