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How To Treat Vaginismus

[toc]Among the various health ailments that are specified to women, there is one quite a rare problem that a lot of people are not aware of. We are talking about vaginismus here. The category that this illness falls in is sexual dysfunction. In simple terms, this condition leads to contraction of the vaginal muscles in an involuntary way.


This makes intercourse not only difficult but extremely painful. It mainly occurs in teenagers but others can face it too. The treatments that are mentioned below are safe and the most effective ones that can be used for getting rid of this crisis.

5 Methods To Treat Vaginismus

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is one of the best ways in which a woman can overcome the fears and psychological hysteria associated with vaginismus. Herein, couple counseling is the best way to assure the patient that the situation is not severe and fatal.

However, this is one treatment that might not work where serious vaginismus conditions are concerned but then it is definitely one that can be used in subtle cases. Relationship can be strengthened with the mate with this procedure and give a way to deal and treat vaginismus.


Kegel Exercises And Dilation

Dilators and kegel exercises are some of the best ways in bringing some control over the muscle contraction. The simplest kegel exercise is to squeeze the vagina for 3 seconds just as it is done when we try to stop ourselves from urinating and then release it for the next 3 seconds.

This should be repeated 15 times in one session and should be done 3 times in a day. It will start giving visible outcomes in a couple of months. It will improve the situation and give you some forms of penetration without pains.

kegel exercise

Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques and exercises are one of the effective ways to treat vaginismus to a good extent. Herein, a good warm bath, an aromatic massage, yoga and meditation, deep breathing techniques and anything that relaxes the body will help.

Progressive relaxation is another of the concepts that can be used as per the therapists. Tensing and relaxing of muscles is what is required here that can be done with pelvic muscles by using finger penetration or a cone.


Pelvic Physical Activity

To reduce some of the painful and discomforting signs and symptoms of vaginismus, one of the best treatments comes in the form of pelvic floor exercises and physical activity. Biofeedback is a system that can help you in a lot of cases to understand the benefits of this treatment.

Here, while doing the pelvic floor exercises with help from a professional, a probe is inserted in the vagina that gives the information of the vaginal muscles on the screen. It is a professional method and available only at some specific centers for right cure of vaginismus.

pelvic floor exercise


A professional method of treatment this is one that can be done successfully only by a trained psychologist. It helps in the reduction of the anxiety associated with penetration and gives the women the strength of better sexual experience and a feeling of reduced pain. This also encourages them to work towards intercourse actions without feeling scared.