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How To Treat Varicose Veins

[toc]Varicose veins in simple terms are swollen veins or even twisted blood veins in situations where there is a lot of pressure on them for the blood flow. Varicose veins are usually experienced by people who are into special conditions like pregnancy or else as a symptom in various health ailments.

Varicose Veins

These are highly visible and can be discomforting and painful in many conditions. The below mentioned guide will give you some ideas and cures in hand that can be used for the safe treatment of varicose veins. All you need to do is pick some and follow on a routine basis to get the results.

5 Ways To Treat Varicose Veins

Physical Exercise Benefits

One of the best ways in which varicose veins can be treated in a simple and easy manner is to adhere to regular physical exercise. This will regulate the blood circulation and thus help in gradual treatment of the swelling in the veins.

The muscles when worked out help in the contraction of the lower limbs that pushes the blood in the veins to the heart. Spot toning exercises is the best thing that can be done in this situation. Follow the routine everyday for at least 30 minutes to reap maximum benefits from this idea.


Have a Well Balanced Diet

To help the crisis of varicose veins one should adhere to a balanced diet that is full of nutrients. Herein, Vitamin C and collagen is highly recommended solely because they help in collagen production. In a situation where the collagen is in proper shape then the tissues will also be resilient.

Make sure your diet includes all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein as well as whole grains. Though it does not help directly in treatment of varicose veins, it definitely improves the situation to quite an extent and prevents it from reoccurring in the later stages. Pineapple, ginger, garlic and onions are some top foods along with cherries and blackberries are highly recommended.


Loose Clothes is Advisable

Tight fitting clothes will only worsen the situation to a serious extent. The best you can do for triggering the treatment of varicose veins is to adhere to loose clothing as well as something that let the body breathe. Cotton fabrics are recommended in such a condition. Any pants or clothing that restricts the proper blood flow is a big no.

comfortable clothes

Castor Oil Massage

Just after a bath, use some castor oil to gently massage the varicose veins. This should be done everyday and each time when you come out from the shower. Make sure castor oil is properly applied on the feet where the case is quite extreme. This will give you good outcomes in just a couple of weeks.

castor oil

Elevation is Important

One of the best things that can be done for the treatment o varicose veins especially in the feet is to keep it elevated as much as possible. This is true for times when you are watching TV or lying down. The more you adhere to this tip the faster results you will get in hand.

Leg Elevation

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