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How To Wash Your Penis?


Penis is the most precious body part for any man. For this reason, it is important to wash it regularly and keep it clean so that it stays healthy. An unclean penis can have whitish deposits on it. This in turn, can make the penis look and smell dirty. Most importantly, an unclean penis can make you prone to infections and illnesses.

It is crucial to consider the fact that apart from contributing to good health, a clean penis will also enhance the sexual relationship you share with your partner. Every woman loves a clean penis and if you clean it regularly, chances are high that your partner will look forward to the sexual sessions. In this article, we will mention some tips that would help you to wash your penis and keep it healthy.

5 Easy Tips To Wash Your Penis

Warm Water

The first step is to use warm water for washing your penis. This is a simple step and can be done regularly. If your penis is uncircumcised, pulling back the foreskin and washing the area underneath would be a good idea.

This step is important because if you don’t clean the area underneath the foreskin, a whitish substance, known as smegma may get deposited in the area. This in turn, can cause various other health problems.

Warm Water

Avoid Excessive Use Of Gels And Soaps

It is true that cleaning the penis regularly with warm water can help you to keep the area clean. However, you should not start cleaning it excessively with soaps or gels. This is because doing so will make the area sore.

Cleaning the area with warm water once or twice a day is enough for maintaining clean hygiene. Also, if you are already suffering from any skin irritation, it is better to opt for a mild soap for staying on the safe side.

Gels And Soaps

Don’t Use Perfumes Or Deodorants

Most men want their penises to smell good. If you are planning to make your penis appealing by using perfumes or deodorants, avoid doing so. This is because these can get deposited under the foreskin.

This in turn, can give rise to skin irritations and other problems. For these reasons, avoid using perfumes or deodorants in the penis region.


Pay Attention To The Pubic Area And Testicles

Apart from cleaning the foreskin and the area below it, it is crucial to pay attention to testicles and pubic area as well. Consider the fact that in these regions, sweat can combine with pubic hair for producing an overwhelming smell.

Therefore, it is crucial to wash these areas with warm water as well. It is especially important because the area remains enclosed in inner wear for long hours and so, the chances of accumulation of dirt are higher.

Pay Attention To The Pubic Area And Testicles

Circumcised Men Should Also Be Careful

If you have undergone circumcision, don’t assume that you don’t need to clean the area. For staying on the safe side, you should also opt for the procedures as mentioned above.

Also, you should check your testicles regularly for ensuring that no swellings or lumps have been developed in the area. In case you find anything natural, visit a doctor immediately. Opt for these tips to wash your penis.

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