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5 Important Home Remedies For Allergies On Skin

Home Remedies For Allergies On Skin

[toc]Skin allergies are common around the world. Various types of allergens can lead to these allergies. This has led to a lot of home remedies being used around the world to treat skin allergies. The severity of skin allergy depends on the skin sensitivity of an individual.

Home remedies can include avoiding contact with the allergen, using over-the-counter medications, and wearing loose clothes to enhance natural healing. A good majority of minor skin allergies are curable with home remedies. Let us try to understand more about home remedies for allergies on the skin.

5 Home Remedies For Allergies On Skin


Wear Loose Clothing For Allergies On Skin

This plays a very important role in helping skin allergies abate in intensity. Polyester clothing can be harsh on skin, especially in hot weather. It is wise to wear cotton clothes to keep your skin from getting irritated. Wear loose clothing which does not rub the affected region on skin tightly. This helps in speedy recovery by taking away the additional damage that can be a result of friction between clothes and skin. Avoid going out in the hot sun with tight clothing.


Avoid Chemicals, Soaps & Dyes For Allergies On Skin

Almost all types of skin allergies are a direct result of allergen triggering rash or irritation of skin. Therefore, it is very important to avoid contact with the allergen. Certain types of chemicals, soaps, dyes, and environmental factors play a critical role in development of allergies.

It is wise to try to detect which of these factors is causing your allergy and avoid direct contact with it until allergy on skin resolves. Our body can heal minor skin allergies effectively if proper remedial options are used.

Keep Your Skin Clean

Keep Your Skin Clean

It is very important to wash and keep allergic skin region clean. This helps in removing foreign materials from the skin. It also helps in getting rid of dead skin cells that accumulate on the outer layer of skin. You can use a mild disinfected to gently clean the skin with a soft sponge dipped in cool or lukewarm water. If climatic conditions of your country are hot, it is wise to take a cool bath. This reduces skin temperature and helps in clearing away allergy on skin.


Supplements To Reduce Allergies On Skin

Our skin contains important natural oils in different layers. Allergies are often a result of outer layer of the skin losing moisture and natural oil content. The weak epidermal skin layer is easily damaged by allergies. Therefore, it is important to consider taking supplements which are rich in vitamin E and vitamin C. It is a widely-known fact that vitamin E helps in restoring skin moisture. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant and plays a critical role in fighting against free radicals which affect the skin.

Over The Counter Medications

Counter Medications For Allergies On Skin

There are various types of over-the-counter medications available today to help alleviate skin allergies intensity. These can include antihistamines for mild allergies and hydrocortisone creams. Topical creams help in reducing the itchy sensation on skin. Different types of over-the-counter skin powders are also available.

These can help significantly in fighting against bacterial or viral skin allergies. Use these medications after gently cleaning your skin with cool water. Other types of medications that help in fighting against allergies on the skin are calamine lotions and topical corticosteroids.


Skin allergies are very common around the world. There are dozens of home remedies available for this allergic condition. Minor allergies are easily treatable with above-mentioned home remedies. Proper skin care helps in curing skin allergies effectively.