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Infertility Symptoms In Women

Infertility Symptoms in Women Infertility Symptoms

[toc]Infertility is one of the major problems that is faced by a lot of men as well as women nowadays. There can be a lot of factors and reasons that contribute to the problem. Infertility in simple terms means the inability of the body to conceive and is one of the serious ailments for those couples who are planning a baby.

However, along with knowing the causes, it is equally important to know the signs and symptoms of the problem so that you can detect it at early stages and get treated as fast as possible. This guide will help you out with the same:

Signs Of Women Infertility

Irregular Menstruation Cycles

One of the signs that you might be near to infertility is that of irregular menstruation. If it is as less as 24 days or more than 35 days in your cycle period then you must definitely get a check up from the doctor.

They will actually help you gauze the infertility problem occurring due to irregular ovulation which is a main symptom. The menstrual cycle is completely absent in many cases. This is a sign that confirms infertility for you.

Inability Of Getting Pregnant

Have you been trying for pregnancy from the past 1-2 years and that too without achieving any positive results? The inability to become pregnant is one of the top notch symptoms that are associated with infertility in women. This can also be stated as one of the major side effects that come along with infertility.

Mood Swings

Having a lot of emotional ups and downs lately? This can be a major sign that contributes to the fact that you might be moving towards the infertile zone. Though this is one symptom that contributes to the crisis along with others, it is definitely one that deserved to be in this list of signs. A lot of women tend to become hysterical as well.

Abnormal Bleeding

Bleeding Piles Abnormal Bleeding

During the menstruation cycle, if you are someone who is experiencing heavy and excessive bleeding, then it might be a dreadful symptom of infertility in women. This might also be accompanied with regular cramps in the stomach and the abdomen that you face in each of the cycle. Get the consultation of a professional to know more.

More Than Frequent Miscarriages

A sign of infertility apart from the fact that a woman is not able to get pregnant is the occurrences of miscarriages whenever she does. For women who are facing miscarriages whenever they are successful in conceiving is another of the prevalent symptoms that can be associated with infertility. It can also range from 3-4 miscarriages in a row.

Low Sex Drive

There are a lot of hormonal changes that occur in the body when it comes to infertility. This leads to a lack of interest in sex and usually the woman experiences low levels of libido. It is a symptom you can easily relate with if you are facing the situation of infertility.

Physical Changes

Drastic changes in the skin? Facing a lot of acne all of a sudden? It might be because of hormonal changes in the body that leads to infertility. Skin changes are definitely a sign of this problem.

There is also sudden and abnormal growth of hair in regions like upper lips, chin and chest. Hair thinning on the head and weight gain are some other symptoms of infertility.