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Know How To Treat Stretch Marks

[toc]Stretch MarksTreating stretch marks is not difficult and as it is not an ailment. You do not get medical insurance even if your try a surgical procedure. However, even without a surgical procedure, you can eliminate the stretch marks easily. A few lines get themselves vanished and a few remain stubborn until you find the treatment that works on it.

There are some good options like visiting a dermatologist, going for laser therapies and using topical medications. You can also try the home remedies. You should find out which treatment works for you the best. Know how to treat stretch marks with various methods.

Methods To Treat Stretch Marks

Topical Remedies

You can use the moisturizers for getting good results to eliminate the fresh stretch marks. Also, apply them on the areas that can get these marks in the future. However, for the older stretch marks, these are not much effective. For the new stretch marks, you can also use Retin-A. This too has no effect on the old stretch marks. When using Retin – the topical cream, do not expose the area to sun which eventually leads to burning effects. Also, pregnant and nursing women cannot use this. Glycolic acid is effective and safe for pregnant women.

Surgical Options

Surgical OptionsWhen the in-office treatments do not offer results, the dermatologists suggest several surgical options. The stretch marks are removed by the procedure called abdominoplasty. When you undergo the surgery, it takes a longer time to recover. There are also risks associated and consult a surgeon positively. This is an expensive option and you should be aware of the complications. A mommy makeover is nothing but a surgical option that works on the tummy, breast lift and liposuction – all combined in a single procedure.

Laser Treatments

Laser TreatmentThe procedure of laser treatment varies for fresh and old stretch marks. Pulsed dye laser works on the fresh stretch marks. You need to go for a minimum of 3 sittings and they are charged approximately $500 for each sitting. The treatment does not work for women who have darker skin. Fractional laser treatment works for older stretchmark. With the cost of $1000 per sitting, you may be required to go for 3 sittings. Get the treatment done from a professional or a dermatologist.

In Office Treatments

A dermatologist offers various medications for treating stretch marks and if they fail various in office treatments that last for a few minutes are carried out. The treatments aim at increasing collagen and also make it possible for the healthy new skin to grow. Dermabrasion is one such treatment. The polished brushes are used to rub off the marks on the skin. The dead cells on the skin are removed and the new skin grows which is healthy and devoid of stretch marks.

Home Remedies

Aloe VeraMix aloe vera, wheat germ oil and olive oil of equal portions and use the same on the stretch marks. These can be substituted for the topical creams and are equally effective. Eat the food items that are rich in vitamin C. Take a plenty of water. When the body is dehydrated, it cannot get back to the original shape and you cannot lose the stretch marks. Collagen in skin is increased by lemon juice. Apply it on the stretch marks. Also exercises like swimming help in reducing the stretch marks.

Stretch marks can heal themselves. Increased physical activities, essential oils and other home remedies can help a lot to treat the fresh stretch marks. If nothing works, tummy tuck surgical option is the one that is effective.

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