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6 Ways To Treat Concussion Safely

Ways To Treat Concussion Safely

[toc]Concussion is the resulting shaking that occurs when a blow to the head causes the brain to shake between the space between the skull and brain. The most common type of head injury that most people experience is concussion.

If not treated effectively and promptly, concussion can give rise to a myriad of problems, although in most cases these are simply temporary disturbances and do not have any lasting impact. However, the treatment for concussion is not something simple. A series of evaluative treatments are provided based on the nature of the injury. Here are some tips to guide you on treating concussions.

Various Ways To Treat Concussion Safely

Assessing The Victim

The wound has to be examined carefully and the victim should be checked. It is not a good gauge to rely on the visible external injuries. This is because sometimes even a small wound on the scalp can bleed profusely while in other cases, major brain impairment can occur because of some less visible injuries. The case of concussion can be determined and appropriate treatment can be rendered if the victim displays two or more of following symptoms.

Contacting The Doctor

Consult Doctor For Concussion

A medical professional should be consulted for the evaluation of a concussion or suspected head injury. The injury may seem minor, but can actually turn out to be fatal as well. An ambulance should be called if the victim is not gaining consciousness. People can also drive to the doctor’s office or got to the nearest emergency room.


Ice Compress For Concussion

Swelling can be reduced if ice is applied to the head injury. The skin could be damaged if ice is directly applied onto the scalp so it should be avoided. The ice should be wrapped into a towel or washcloth before application. A bag of frozen vegetables like peas can also be used by people. Every two to four hours, people should apply the ice and it should remain applied for at least 20 minutes.


Paracetamol For Concussion

Pain can be controlled by taking paracetamol. Bleeding can sometimes occur at the site of the injury if people use any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) or painkillers like aspirin or ibuprofen.

Home Care

Quit Alcohol For Concussion

Unless recommended by the doctor, for the first six to twelve hours, people should avoid drinking or eating. Small amounts of drink and light foods should be taken in moderation when people are allowed to eat again. For 24 hours, it is essential to avoid alcohol. Unless the doctor has instructed, sedatives or other drugs should not be taken by the patient. If a child is injured, they can sleep, but they have to be woken after a break of four hours for gauging their reaction to familiar things and for checking their condition.

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy

A form of physical therapy that focuses on using the minimized arm is called constraint-induced movement therapy. For several hours daily, patients have to wear mittens on their uninjured arm and this therapy basically minimizes the reliance of people on the unaffected extremity.

The function of the paralyzed arm will show significant improvement with this therapy. It showed good results when it was used for a small number of patients that had received a brain injury, but only after 1 to 6 years.