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Medications For Anemia

[toc]AnemiaLower than normal red blood cell count gives rise to a disorder called anemia. The red blood cells, or erythrocytes, contain a red pigment called hemoglobin. It helps to carry oxygen to the various parts of our body. A person having low amounts of hemoglobin is said to be anemic and suffers from fatigue, headaches, dizziness, weakness and some other symptoms. Women seem to suffer more from anemia as compared to men.

This disorder is of many types such as sickle cell anemia, iron deficiency anemia, aplastic anemia, etc. and the severity of symptoms varies accordingly. Medications can help hugely in bringing back the red blood cell count to normal. A healthy diet and lifestyle are important to manage the condition in the long term. A blood test will reveal your hemoglobin count and your doctor will prescribe the right medications for the kind of anemia you are suffering from. In very simple cases, taking supplements regularly solves the problems, whereas blood transfusions may be required for more serious cases.

Medications For Anemia

Carbonyl Iron

Carbonyl IronCarbonyl iron is a dietary supplement that helps to treat iron deficiency anemia. This medication helps in effective transportation of oxygen to various tissues of the body. It should not be taken by those who have hypersensitivity to this medication.

Dosages are prescribed as per the age of the patient. It can be taken in tablet, capsule or syrup form thrice a day, on empty stomach. Check with your doctor if you have side effects like fever, chest pain, joint pains, diarrhea, constipation, palpitations, etc.

Ferrous Fumarate

Ferrous FumarateFerrous fumarate is an essential mineral that is used as a medication to treat iron deficiency anemia. When your body does not produce sufficient amounts of iron, this medication helps to replenish the dipping levels.

Patients who show haemoglobin in the urine are not prescribed this medication. Dosages are recommended as per the age of the patient. It is available in the tablet form and can be taken with or without food.


NandroloneIf anemia is observed in a patient with kidney problems, this medication is commonly prescribed by the doctors. It is an anabolic steroid that helps to increase the growth of body tissues in certain areas of the body.

This medication should not be taken by pregnant women and those with hypersensitivity. It is given as an injection that is given into a large muscle. Being a steroid, it has many side effects and should only be administered by a doctor for medical purposes.


OxymetholoneOxymetholone is a synthetic anabolic steroid that is prescribed to people with very low red blood cell counts. This medication helps to increase the production of a substance called erythropoietin that works to increase the production of more red blood cells in the body.

It is available in tablet form and has to be taken along with food. Blood sugar levels are constantly monitored while a patient is on this medication. It has many serious side effects and has to be administered with caution under the guidance of a doctor.


HydroxocobalaminPatients with anemia, who have a vitamin B12 deficiency, are prescribed this medication which happens to be a natural form of vitamin B12. It is available as a solution and has to be administered as an injection by a qualified health practitioner.

It should not be used by those with hypersensitivity and pregnant women. Common side effects include rashes, redness of the skin, nausea, high blood pressure and headache. Excess dosage should be avoided.

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