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5 Natural Cures For Fibroid Tumors

Natural Cures For Fibroid Tumors

[toc]The prevalence of tumours especially fibroid is prominent in women who have crossed their thirties, or even in those who have reached their premenopausal stage. Fibroid tumours are abnormal growths found in and around the uterus. They are found in any size and can be present in the lining or in the muscle tissue of the uterus and are termed accordingly such as Intramural, submucosal,subserosal or even cervical.

Sometimes they are painful while at other times they are painless and only come to light when clinical investigations are done for some other reasons. They can be singlet or even found in clusters. Whatever the shape, size, and nature, they should be removed.

The smaller ones are generally harmless , but the ones that keep growing larger should be attended to immediately as they start showing symptoms like abnormal bloating, infertility, excessive bleeding, painful defecating and frequent urination. Natural cures are the best form of treatments as they barely have any side effects and are result oriented. Some of the most common cures are mentioned below.

5 Best Natural Cure For Fibroid Tumors


Proper Rest For Fibroid Tumors

Stress is one of the most common factors resulting in the formation of fibroid tumors. So the best and most natural way of getting rid of these fibroids is by eliminating stress and there are several ways of destressing that varies from one individual to the other.

Some people combat stress by meditating, some soothe their stressed mind by practicing taichi or joining a laughter club. One should avoid mental, physical strain and sleep regularly for at least seven hours as it is the best form of stress buster. Relaxing by taking short term breaks in case of working women also works wonders while for many other something as simple as music helps in distressing.

Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet For Fibroid Tumors

Another natural and easy cure for fibroid tumours is regulating a healthy diet. A good healthy diet is a key to not just cure fibroid tumours but also several other ailments and diseases.

Eating at proper intervals , adding healthy food like cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, food that supply omega 3 fatty acids like fish and flax seeds and avoiding soy and soy products ,white flour, and other simple carbohydrates like white potatoes, white rice and so on is the best way of maintaining a healthy diet.

Ensuring these additions and avoiding those mentioned helps in shrinking the fibroid tumours and also prevents the occurrence of new ones.


Black Cohosh For Fibroid Tumors

Natural cures also include herbs that are slow in working but give definite relief .they not only help in getting rid of the fibroids but also provide relief from the painful symptoms. Herbs like black cohosh, vitex berry, ginseng, wild pansy flowers, and several others are available in the form of supplements and mixtures as well. For pain relief in pelvis, Reishi tincture can be diluted and consumed.

To reduce heavy bleeding one can use the shepherd’s purse. A few more effective herbs to cure fibroid tumours are motherwort and red clover. These herbal cures when practiced regularly take about two months or more to heal completely depending on the nature of the fibroid. However it is advisable to consume it only after appropriate guidance from an herbalist.


Exercise For Fibroid Tumors

Women generally have a tendency to lessen their physical activity during their premenopausal stage and this often results in the formation the fibroid tumours.

Some form of moderate exercise such as yoga, cardiovascular exercises, walking or swimming help a women’s body in the regulation of the hormones and the ovulation as well his in turns prevents the growth of fibroid tumours and other regularities.

Use Of Castor Oil

Castor Oil For Fibroid Tumors

Another most naturally effective and inexpensive way of shrinking fibroid tumours is the use of castor oil. Ideally it should be first heated and then should be allowed to cool till it becomes lukewarm. Next it has to be applied all over the surface of the stomach. One should refrain from massaging the stomach with this oil as any kind of pressure can have adverse effect.

Regular application of this oil for a consistent period can show positive results. It would be more effective if hot compress of ginger is also given after applying the oil. Another way of using this this oil is by preparing a pack which will include a piece of flannel, some old towels and castor oil.

The unbleached flannel can be soaked in castor oil and then this flannel can be placed on the abdomen. It should then be covered with the old towels to retain the heat supplied in the flannel. This pack should be kept on for an hour approximately to completely detoxify the internal organs in the abdomen and eradicate the fibroids completely.