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Natural Cures For Abrasions

[toc]abrasionsAbrasions are so common that each and every person experiences it at some point or the other in their lives. This is more valid for kids who love to stay outdoors and play sporty activities. It might not be a very serious disease, but then it is definitely one that leads to a lot of pain and discomfort.

To ensure that it does not lead to infection, it is important to adhere to treatments as fast as possible. The best trick here is to stick to some natural cures that can help in getting rid of the problem. The guide below has some of the top ones that can be used for successful outcomes.

Best Natural Cures For Abrasions

Lavender Oil

Lavender oilOne of the best and the safest cures for abrasions comes in the form of an essential oil of lavender. It helps in healing the abrasion as well as disinfecting it.

To apply the same, prepare a cup of thyme tea and add a few drops of the oil in it. This should be applied on the affected area two times in a day. Follow the remedy till the problem subsides completely. It is bound to give you excellent outcomes.


VinegarThere are loads of benefits attached to vinegar and it is used in a lot of natural cure remedies. This is also valid for the safe treatment of abrasions on the body. Along with cleansing the wound thoroughly, it also helps in triggering the healing of the same.

A part of this liquid should be diluted with 3 parts of water and then applied on the abrasions using a clean cotton ball. In case you use warm water instead of cold water, it will give you far better outcomes on the crisis.


Vitamin E rich diet is helpful in keeping the skin healthy as well as treats all kinds of cuts, wounds and abrasions. Having them in the regular meals will definitely trigger the process. Along with foods from this category you can also take supplements.

Along with this, having a balanced diet that is rich in nutrients and have all the essential ones is also important for the healing of the abrasions. Vitamin and mineral rich foods should be taken in good amounts. Drinking plenty of water will hydrate the skin and rejuvenate the cells while treating abrasions. Herein, 10-12 glasses of plain water is recommended for the natural cure of the ailment.

Aloe Vera

Aloe VeraTo soothe the skin and the abrasions and to get maximum healing, you can easily use some fresh aloe Vera gel on the abrasions each day. This can be done for about 2-3 times throughout the day to reap the benefits. It also hydrates and moisturizes the skin as added advantage. Aloe Vera leaves are easily available in the market nowadays.


A good remedy from the racks at home is that of calendula. This can be applied on the abrasions as a natural antiseptic agent and not only promote healing but also prevent it from various infections. Follow the idea till the problem gets 100 percent cured.

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