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5 Natural Cures For Back Acne

[toc]Bacne or back acne is pretty common in young adults or teens that have hyperactive sebaceous glands on their back. It is similar to acne or pimples on the face and is caused by the same agent called as acne vulgaris. Apart from the overactive sebaceous glands, back acne can be caused by various other agents or toxins that the skin might be exposed to.

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It could also be an allergic reaction towards some food items so make sure you run an allergen test first before opting for any treatment plan. Mostly the treatment is similar to what we use in the case of facial acne, but when it comes to the back, special measures can be taken specifically for the back. Here are some natural cures that will help you clear out back acne effectively:

Effective Natural Cures For Back Acne

Removal Of Toxic Agents

If you are constantly exposed to some radiations or agents that are causing an allergic reaction on your back, then you should keep away from it. Don’t let your back be exposed to such agents because that might aggravate your condition further. Make sure you take your usual anti-allergic drugs that will help you fight the allergic reactions. There are some anti-allergy creams available as well that may help you.


Clean Sheets

You should make sure you change your bed sheets atleast once a week. Old sheets may cause accumulation of dirt and that may be the cause of your back acne. The back is an easily accessible place when you are sleeping and it is exposed to the dirt on your sheets for an extended period of time which is enough to develop back acne. You should also use clean towels which will help to clean your body as well as keep the dirt away. Old towels also accumulate a lot of dirt material which will adhere to the wet skin when you are wiping yourself after bathing. Wet skin means your pores are exposed and dirt particles might settle in it and cause the pimples.

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Tea Tree Oil

It acts on the pimple inflammation and cuts down the growth of the pimple. Soak some oil on a cotton ball and apply it to the affected area and leave it overnight. Tea tree oil will also prevent any scarring that will be caused by the acne on your back.

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Salt Water

Salty water is known to dry out the pimples. It is a simple procedure of osmosis in which the pus is driven out of the pimple and it shrinks really soon. You could bathe with salt water twice in a day and you will be able to notice the change within two days. Once the pimples dry out, they will heal quickly.

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Don’t Scrub

Make sure you change your loofah or bathing brush once every couple of weeks because the old one might be causing your back acne. You could gently rub the back skin but don’t scrub too much which might lead to bursting of the acne and that’s how it spreads to other places as well.


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