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5 Natural Cures For Cyst On Ovaries

[toc]One of the common problems among women that are seen nowadays is that of cysts on the ovaries. Medically known as ovarian cysts it is more like a sac that is filled with fluid. This can be formed in as well as on the ovaries. This happens in the reproductive years of a woman especially when she is in the age of 20 to 35 years.

Cures For Cyst On Ovaries

There can be a lot of issues that ovarian cysts bring along. This can include pain as well as overweight issues along with fertility and ovulation problems. To ensure a safe and sound treatment, adhere to natural cures below: –

Natural Ways To Cure Cyst On Ovaries


One of the best ways in which ovarian cysts can be treated is by trusting homeopathy as a medium. Herein, you need to know that this field of supplements is highly effective and can give visible and 100 percent safe outcomes if followed on a regular basis.

Apis Mellifica is one of the supplements of homeopathy along with bellis perennis that can help reduce the cysts. About the dosage, the best is to consult a professional.


Drink Plenty Of Water

One of the causes behind occurrence of cysts on the ovaries is that of hormonal imbalance. To regulate the hormonal secretion it is best to adhere to a lot of water consumption in the entire day. About 10 glasses of water is highly recommended in such a situation.

This will also help in a lot of other benefits and keeping problems at bay apart from treating cysts in a gradual but efficient way. Herbal teas and fresh fruit juices will trigger the outcomes for you. One thing that needs to be followed here is to stop drinking water from plastic bottles. This will only worsen the conditions for you.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Herbs That Will Help

Another of the broad category of natural cures that a lot of people believe in and is known for giving accurate results is that of herbs. The same can be used for treatment of cysts on ovaries if taken with proper consultation from an herbalist about the dose.

The main herbs that can help you reach the goals include maca root, Vitex, black cohosh root, tribulus, and dong quai root and milk thistle seed. All of these help in hormonal balance and thus reduce cysts naturally. Yarrow is another of the herbs that can be considered.


Supplements Advantage

Evening primrose oil supplements, vitamin E supplements and that of fish oil are some of the top notch choices that can be made for balancing the hormonal levels. Regular intake of these will definitely give you a visible difference and gradually treat the signs and symptoms of ovarian cysts along with curing the problem from the roots.

Supplements Advantage

Use Castor Oil Packs

As one of the oldest natural cures, castor oil packs are supposed to naturally treat the ovarian cysts and that too in an efficient manner. It cleanses, detoxifies and heals the body. This happens because of the drawing power of the natural product.

Along with flushing the toxins, it stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems. There is also a regulation of the blood circulation. It reduces as well as dissolves the ovarian cysts completely. it should not however be used during menstruation.

Use Castor Oil Packs