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5 Natural Cures For Eczema On Hands

Natural Cure To Eczema On Hands

[toc]Hand eczema or Eczema on Hands is one of the most commonly occurring diseases of the skin and is highly prevalent in children. Even adults are equally vulnerable to this disease. It usually occurs due to extreme allergy to medications, extreme exposure to detergents and certain other solutions or even allergy caused by specific food. Though it can occur in any part of the body and eventually does when it spreads to the various parts of the body, it is highly prevalent onthe hands and usually spreads on to the rest of the body when suitable measures are not taken to cure it. 

Eczema on hands causes it to not just cause constant itching, the affected area turns red and begins to crack and peel. The palm of the hand is more prone to get the disease as it is always in contact with the irritants. Curing Eczema as soon as possible is most important as it can cause extreme itching and burning sensations which causes a lot of discomfort and there is always a risk of it spreading in the entire body. There are several medicines and ointments available in the market but they have extreme side effects therefore natural cures are preferred over these chemical based medications. Some of these natural remedies are discussed below.

5 Best Natural Cures For Eczema On Hands

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera For Eczema On Hands

A natural and herbal treatment for curing eczema on hands is aloe Vera gel. This gel can be extracted by taking a tube of the aloe Vera plant and slitting it .Once the gel is procured it can be mashed and mixed with milk. This pack can be then applied on to the hands.

It will not only eliminate eczema but will also get rid of the grease and dirt without removing the natural oil of the skin. It also prevents dryness and is readily available in the form of natural ointment in the local stores. Some people prefer drinking it to get rid of eczema as it purifies the system from inside.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil For Eczema On Hands

One of the simplest and readily available solutions for curing eczema is Coconut oil. It is one of the best natural moisturizers and also helps in hydrating the skin. It is even more effective when it is warmed before application.

The best way to apply this oil is to warm it and then massage it on the skin of the hand gently. Care should be taken to avoid applying it on extremely hot and dry hands. One should even wash and clean their hands before massaging it with coconut oil; it should be left on the skin thereafter for about an hour and then wiped with a soft wet cloth for best results.


Avocado For Eczema On Hands

Avocado is known to be a rich source of oil and essential fats in the body and is therefore highly beneficial for treating eczema and certain other dermatological problems as well. It is an excellent natural product for not only the skin but also the body.

It can both eaten and applied on to the skin. It is a very good fruit and can be included in your diet. You can mash ripe avocado and prepare a paste that can be then applied on to the affected area for about an hour. When it dries up it can be washed off with some cold water and pat dry the area with a soft cloth or towel. As it is an excellent moisturizer when used consistently it can heal the eczema very well.


Oatmeal For Eczema On Hands

Oatmeal is excellent for soothing itching and burning sensations caused by eczema. The scratches and scars that appear on the affected skin get completely healed and one finds complete relief from the constant itching that is caused by eczema. The best way to apply oatmeal is by using it as a soak.

A tub with partially filled water and a cup of oatmeal provides the necessary soaking solution for the hands. Oatmeal can be poured in a sanitized stocking or socks and then rubbed on to the affected area as well. After that it can be washed off with cold water. This process can be repeated at least two times a day in case of extreme irritation.

Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed Oil For Eczema On Hands

Oil that is beneficial in treating eczema is grape seed oil. It is an excellent moisturizer and like coconut oil this oil also helps in getting rid of the dryness and flaky skin that is caused by exczema. This oil can be essentially used by putting a few drops of this oil in the bath water. It not only soothes the skin but also helps in healing eczema. One should be careful and avoid using it if one has an allergy to grapefruits.

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