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5 Natural Cures For Incontinence

Natural Cure To Incontinence

[toc]With the gradual increase in the age of people, it becomes very important to consider some of the most important facts of the life. Incontinence is one of the major problems that mainly occur in older age. It leads to leakage of urine. It can also happen to the different age groups, depending on the conditions. The exact process of treatment can also vary depending on the intensity of the disorder. It is always better to use the natural processes as they don’t pose any kind of side-effects.

5 Best Natural Cures For Incontinence

Use Of Kegel Exercises

Kegel Exercises To Reduce Incontinence

Exercise of the pelvic muscle can definitely help in curing the problem related to incontinence. Kegel exercises are a set of exercise that can create wonders and give you a better result in curing incontinence. These exercises will help to control the flow of urine. It will also strengthen the muscle for slowing the process of urination.

With the increase in strength of the muscles, it becomes very easy to handle the urine in the bladder. It takes lots of practice to target the muscle and then work on it. The pelvic muscle is squeezed and then released. The same process can be done for a longer period of time. With daily repetition of this exercising process, the problem of incontinence can be easily solved.

Intake Of Proper Foods

Proper Foods To Reduce Incontinence

Bad intake of food can trigger the problem of incontinence. Intake of proper foods must be maintained to help in improving the immunity of the entire body. People suffering from incontinence must take care of the food stuffs.

A diet must contain all types of vitamins, mineral as well as other stuff. This will enhance the immunity as well as help to reduce the problem of Incontinence. Caffeinated drink as well as spicy foods must be avoided in order to remove the problem of incontinence.

Losing Weight To Treat Incontinence

Losing Weight To Reduce Incontinence

Obesity is the main cause behind several kinds of health problem. With excessive weight gain, a person loses the control of the bladder. Thus, the incontinence problem arises. It is better to lose the unwanted weight and have a proper control of the bladder. The body mass index should not be 29; else the person needs to reduce his or her weight.

Intake Of Horsetail Juice

Horsetail Juice To Reduce Incontinence

Horsetail juice is a herbal supplement that mainly contains silica, which can reduce the effect of incontinence. Silica is also known to tone the tissues and can also help in curing the problem of incontinence. One should have properly toned bladder in order to remove the problem of incontinence. This will also help in the prevention of urinary leakage.

Make A Habit Of Timely Urinating

Make A Habit Of Timely Urinating

It is advised to go for timely urinating, even though the toilet is nearby. This will help in controlling the urine in the bladder. This process could be a little tough at the initial stage. People suffering from the incontinence problem must take care to handle this technique for getting positive results. A particular routine must be fixed, and the urine must be passed as per the timetable. This is nothing but providing a proper training to the brain in order to control the urine in the bladder.