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5 Natural Cures For Nail Infection

Natural Cures For Nail Infection

[toc]Nail infections are one of the most common infections that can spread from finger nails to the toes as well and result in the nails becoming brittle, crumpling and thickening of the nails or discolouration .Sometimes there is foul smell emanating from these nails and becomes very embarrassing for people suffering from it. These infections are many times prevalent due to the fungi that thrive on moisture and get picked up from wet areas such as the poolside, gym-locker room, wash basin, and so on.

They are caught on very easily but go away with a lot of difficulty as it requires a lot of care and natural cure to get rid of these infections. Their occurrence can be due to several reasons such as nail injury, moist environment of work, heredity, chronic illness, improper blood circulation to name a few. Apart from preventing such circumstances, one can resort to simple natural cures for eliminating these infections so there is minimal chance of their recurrence. Some of these natural cures are mentioned below.

5 Various Natural Cures For Nail Infection


Vinegar Reduce Nail Infection

Vinegar is a natural cleanser and antifungal in nature that restricts the breeding of bacteria and fungi. It is known to be a potent disinfectant for the nails when it is applied and left on for some time. It has to be diluted with water in a ratio of 2:1and then applied.

This specially works for thickened and crumpled nails that are severely infected. A combination of vinegar with hydrogen peroxide also works wonders as it tends to increase the potency of vinegar and gets rid of the dead skin surrounding the nails. A lot of people prefer the use of apple cider vinegar over plain vinegar for optimum results.

Lemon With Mustard Oil

Lemon With Mustard Oil Reduce Nail Infection

Both lemon and mustard Oil are excellent providers of nourishment and wonderful cleansers. They can be applied individually and also applied by mixing the two natural ingredients. Individually application of mustard oil can provide ample moisturizing but tends to leave a yellow colour on temporarily.

Lemon applied simply is a natural polishing agent which tends to take care of the dead cells surrounding the nails, but when these two natural products are applied together, they not only get rid of the underlying infection but also beautify the appearance of these nails.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Reduce Nail Infection

This natural plant is full of healing and cleansing properties as it is anti-microbial in nature that enables it to not only get rid of the underlying infection but also promote the growth of strong and healthy nails. As this product is naturally colourless and devoid of any fragrance it can be applied and left on for an unlimited period.

The gel of this plant is ideal for using on the nails. It can be easily extracted by slicing a tube and collecting the gel in a small container. This gel does not spoil for 48 hours so one can keep applying it throughout the day for 7 to 8 times and the results are very promising.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil Reduce Nail Infection

This essential oil is an excellent antifungal and antimicrobial product that is highly beneficial in terminating infections and moisturizing the nails. It is known to be highly potent and therefore is advisable to be used by diluting it with coconut oil or lavender oil as application of the concentrated form can lead to side effects like burning sensations.

It is ideal to apply a coat of this diluted essential oil with the help of an applicator after a good session of cleaning the nails or after a conventional manicure. Not only will it get rid of the fungal infections, it will bring a shine to the otherwise dull and discoloured nails.

Another way of using this oil is by taking a finger bowl of tepid water, mixing a few drops of the concentrated tea tree oil into this water and dipping the fingers in the bowl containing this solution. It is another way of moisturizing the nails.

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Bitter Neem

Bitter Neem Reduce Nail Infection

This herbal product is grown everywhere and is readily available. It can be used in multiple ways to ward It can be used in multiple ways to ward off nail infections but one of the most convenient ways is to prepare a hand wash wherein a bunch of bitter neem leaves can be boiled in water and this liquid can be used as an after wash every time one needs to wash one’s hands.

Another way is by preparing a paste prepared by crushing the Neem leaves that can be applied as a pack on to the nails and has to be left on to dry for about 25 minutes. After that it can be cleaned by rinsing it off or wiping it off giving well healed and shining nails.

5 Natural Cures For Nail Infection