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Natural Cures For Nearsightedness

[toc]Near Sightedness or myopia is a disorder of the eye wherein one is unable to see distant objects or even the ones at midway, but has no problems in seeing objects that are near to them. The actual reason for the occurrence of this near sightedness is the falling of light rays beyond it, when actually these lights rays are required to fall on the retina for a normal sight.


Due to the faulty position of these light rays one experiences difficulty in visualizing images and objects at a distance.This eye defect occurs at any age and the probable cause is watching televisions from close proximity, reading in insufficient light, straining the eyes by staring at objects continuously.

The most conventional treatment would be either surgery or corrective lenses. In either cases the eyes get corrected instead of getting cured, so to completely heal the eyes one should opt for natural cares which not only help in getting rid of myopia, also strengthens the eyes. A few of these natural cures are described below.

5 Natural Cures For Nearsightedness

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables contain those nutrients that are most important for strengthening the eyes and protecting it from disorders like myopia. These vegetables are especially beneficial for healing the defects caused in the eyes due to near sightedness.

Spinach, wheat grass, coriander, fenugreek leaves, coriander leaves are some of these leafy vegetables that help in tackling eye issue The best way to consume these is by taking a juice of these vegetables in the mornings. Spinach combined with a piece of carrot can be juice.

IT is not only delicious but also full of proteins. Coriander can be used for making chutneys and are equally good for the eyes. Wheatgrass is equally effective and also very potent so about 3 tablespoons is sufficient for a day.


Exercising The Eyes

Curing near sightedness with the help of natural practices like eye exercises is also possible. One has to do specific exercises like rolling the eyes in upwards and downward movement for a set of 10 times. Next it has to be rolled sideways from left to right up to a count of 10.

Finally roll the eyes in circular motion, first clockwise and then anticlockwise each should be repeated 10 times at least. This exercise when practiced regularly for two months starts showing positive results and one can see distant objects with better clarity.

The Ideal time to practice this exercise regime is before bedtime. Exercising the eye helps in strengthening the eye muscle and prevents poor vision. It also enhances the blood flow in the eyes and thus helps in relaxing the eyes.

eye exercise

Acupuncture And Acupressure

The practice of acupuncture and acupressure originated from China and is extremely beneficial in the treatment of myopia as it helps in the stimulation of the nerves and eye muscles that are very important for a good eye sight. Both are alternate natural therapies that help in the correction of eyesight and also prevent the occurrence of myopia.

Both serve the same purpose and are equally effective, however there is a mild difference in their techniques, where acupuncture involves the use of pins and needles, acupressure involves the use of thumb and forefingers to apply pressure to the points that are related to the treatment of eyes.



Another form of alternate natural therapy is homeopathy and it involves preparations of medicines from natural products. These are available in the form of tincture and sugar coated globules so they are very popular with the children.

A few of these medicines that is very effective for the treatment of myopia. Euphrasia, Phytweostigma, Ruta graveolens are a few naturally created medicines that are effective in not only curing myopia but also strengthening the optical nerves.



This is a well-known Ayurveda treatment for curing myopia and is prepared from a combination of embelica myrobalan that is amla, bahera or belleric myroblan and harad known as chebulic myrobalan in equal proportions. It is very effective when used regularly for a couple of months at least.

It is consumable and the power of triphala is also used to prepare a concoction in which myopic eyes are required to be washed .It can be prepared by mixing 30grams of triphala with half a litre of water.

These can be poured in eyes cups after which the affected eyes need to be washed by dipping the eyes in it.The taste of triphala is bland and one has to gulp it down with water. It is an excellent tonic for improving the eye sight.