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5 Natural Cures For Wet Cough

Natural Cure To Wet Cough

[toc]Wet cough is one of the ailments that a lot of people complain about. Not only is it one of the annoying illnesses but also one that causes a lot of discomfort in the body. The irritation felt in the throat does not let you speak with ease and causes pain in a lot of situations. 

Usually for wet cough, a doctor will advise taking cough syrups or any kind of medications and antibiotics if the problem is severe. However, the good news is that with some natural and home remedies you can easily help the wet cough and treat it completely from the roots. The guide below solves the purpose for you:

5 Best Natural Cures For Wet Cough


Garlic To Reduce Wet Cough

One of the best natural products that can give you relief from wet cough in a convenient manner is garlic. The anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties of garlic helps you achieve the goals perfectly. You can either add it to various dishes like chicken soup to get the benefits or else take it in the raw form. In the former case, make sure you don’t heat it much or else it will lose out on the advantages.

Chest Rub With Menthol

Chest Rub With Menthol To Reduce Wet Cough

There are various menthol chest rubs available in the drug store that can be used as a natural cure for the treatment of wet cough. All you need to do is rub it on the chest gently before going off to sleep. A relaxed feeling is what you will achieve with menthol as one of the main ingredients. It also clears the mucus in the chest. Follow the natural cure until the problem subsides completely.

Ginger And Honey 

Ginger And Honey To Reduce Wet Cough

One of the ideas that can be followed on a regular basis is to extract the juice of an inch of ginger that gives you about a teaspoon of the liquid. This should be mixed with a little raw and organic honey and heated a little. This lukewarm mixture should be consumed at least three times in a day for the natural treatment of wet cough. Make sure you take it out fresh each time for maximum advantage.


Pepper To Reduce Wet Cough

Though this is one natural cure that cannot be used for children in wet cough situations, it is definitely one of the natural items that can give expected outcomes. The irritating properties of this powder are what exactly help in the crisis. It helps in stimulating the blood circulation as well as mucus congested in the chest.

Take about a teaspoon of the powder in a cup with a tablespoon of honey. Add boiling water to this cup and then leave it for the next 15 minutes before drinking. This should be done once each day for maximum benefits.

Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds To Reduce Wet Cough

The sulphur content in mustard seeds is what helps in regulating the flow of the mucus from the chest and thus flush it out from the body. Soak mustard seeds in some water for 15 minutes and then make about a teaspoon of its paste. This should be mixed with a cup of warm water and then left for another 15 minutes before taking it in. It might be a little difficult to swallow the drink but then it is definitely worth it for a natural treatment of wet cough.

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