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5 Simple Natural Cures For Anorexia

Natural Cures For Anorexia

[toc]Anorexia can be defined as a psychological eating disorder wherein a person creates a strong dislike for food, is obsessed with his /her weight, loses appetite, upsets the digestion and goes to any lengths for reducing weight to appear slim. This often happens due to family’s consciousness about appearance, peer pressure or certain other mental tensions it is largely prevalent in the younger generation who are becoming increasingly conscious of their appearance, and the quest of becoming size zero is driving them to get entangled in problems such as anorexia

Psychiatrists are trying to solve this problem at their level however anorexia creates such a vicious cycle that a mentally cured person is still unable to digest food even if he or she starts eating food normally. This is where natural cure and treatments come handy in repairing the digestive abnormalities and increasing the appetite .A few of them are discussed below.

5 Natural Cures For Anorexia


Ginger For Anorexia

Ginger is an excellent natural product used for curing anorexia. It works wonders when combined with 4 drops of lemon, a dash of asafoetida and black pepper .Prepare a paste with these ingredients and this can be given to the anorexic person on a regular basis. This preparation should be ideally consumed first thing in the morning without eating anything else.

Combine ginger juice with lime juice in equal proportions and add a dash of rock salt to it. This solution has to be then stored in a bottle and kept in sunlight for 4 days after which a teaspoon of this preparation should be administered before every meal to trigger hunger. These combinations taken with ginger are excellent aids of digestion and help an anorexic patient to rebuild the lost appetite and cure anorexia in a fortnight.


Cloves For Anorexia

Another natural product that is commonly available in all household is clove. This condiment is known to help in settling an upset stomach and is a good cure for anorexia. It has to be boiled in a cup of water. Approximately 4 cloves will suffice and half a teaspoon lime juice can be added to this clove solution.

This can be consumed twice daily for optimum results as it not only rebuilds the appetite but also excellent for curing digestive problems that arises due to anorexia. IT can be chewed on as it is for building the hunger which forces these patients to abhor any kind of food.

Raw Tomato

Raw Tomato For Anorexia

Raw tomatoes are fantastic appetite builders and can be often seen as being served as salads in restaurants before the main course. The raw and fresh tomatoes can be sliced and even combined with certain other raw vegetables to prepare a salad .This preparation instigates the appetite and thus one is able to eat proper meal after eating the salad.

One can even consume 2 to 3 tomatoes after washing it and adding a pinch of black pepper to it. One can prepare tomato juice by crushing 3 raw tomatoes in a blender with a sprig of mint and have it on an empty stomach .This will not only aid in digestion but also help in getting rid of anorexia as it proves to be an excellent tonic for people with lost appetites.

Vegetable Soups And Salad

Vegetable Soups For Anorexia

Vegetable soups are prepared by incorporating boiling raw vegetables like carrot, beet, cabbage, bottle gourd, papaya etc. and then blending them in a mixer, straining the liquid preparation and drinking this after adding a pinch of salt and pepper. It should be consumed hot.

These hot soups are known to work on appetite and create hunger for a proper meal. Salads include a lot of green leafy vegetables like celery, mint, corriander leaves, beetroot, cucumber, watercress, angelica are some of the raw vegetables that can be combined differently at all times as they prove to be appetite triggering , satiating the stomach and preparing the affected stomach for further food intake.


Yoga For Anorexia

This natural cure is ideal for people suffering from anorexia as it is fodder for the mind. Yoga and meditation tends to relax the wrought up muscles of the digestive tract and also provides relaxation to the tensed and uptight brain that abhors the sight of food. Asans such as pavanmuktaasan and Vajraasan tend to redevelop the appetitive and regulate digestion.

The breathing techniques brings out the realization of empty stomach to the brains and thus an anorexic person tends to feel the hunger if he practices these exercises regularly for a few months. Yoga is known to cure the problem from the root that is the mind as more than an eating disorder; anorexia is a psychological issue that has to be tackled by relaxing the mind through meditations.

Simple Natural Cures For Anorexia

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