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9 Simple Tips On How To Prevent A Cold

[toc]ColdA cold is not really anything serious, but we all tend to dread it because it makes you lethargic, tired and irritable. Of course, all of this is not counting the endless sleepless night because of blocked nose and constant irritation, which may follow suit with fever and other symptoms too. Cold is basically a virus that enters the body when our immune system is low.

Actually, there are more than 200 varieties of cold so even though you seem to have a cold all year round, the body is only immune to something that you already had. But there are ways to prevent the augment of cold and this can be done using some changes using simple home remedies, lifestyle changes, etc. Here is an insight-

9 Ways To Prevent A Cold


Wash your handsThis is something that all of claim to practice, but in reality none of us actually do it. Good hygiene simply doesn’t mean wearing clean clothes or shampooing your hair and keeping shoes spic and span. It means that you have to beware of places that are likely to be infected with such viruses. So a visit to the crowded mall, subway or even school for kids is danger zones.

Wash your hands every time you come back from these places. Make sure that you carry a sanitizer and use it when eating in public places. Do not touch your eyes, nose or even mouth after you have visited any of the areas, if needed use a handkerchief or tissue. Avoid sharing food, drinks and even towels or clothes from anyone who has a cold.

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Improve Immunity

fruits, veggiesHealthy immunity is not something that we all are born with, but you can enhance your immunity by simple taking some extra caution. For example, sleeping for at least 8 hours in a day is a great way to enhance immunity and let your body rest. This way you are more geared up to challenge these viruses. A healthy diet is another method of staying away from colds.

A balanced diet comprising of fruits, veggies, meats and eggs along with fibers should be consumed. Vitamin C is especially beneficial here so have lots of oranges, lemons and limes to keep cold away. Consume dark leafy vegetables as they are rich in iron and potassium that too helps ward off cold.


ExerciseExercising is a great way to fight off infections of all kinds and maintain a healthy body and mind. With regular exercise, you are actually enhancing the immune-system and this helps to keep illnesses at bay, even the common cold. Research has shown that people who exercise regularly are less prone to colds as compared to those who don’t. Also, exercises like doing yoga are beneficial for the respiratory tract and doesn’t allow the same from getting blocked due to the mucus.

Of course, don’t strain or overdo it if you are suffering from cold because the body is weak then. Stress level management is another simple remedy to reduce chances of catching a cold. What you need to do here is exercise regularly again and make healthier changes in your lifestyle.

Cover The Nose

Cover The NoseThis trip from granny is something that we all tend to forget, but in truth it really works. So if you want to avoid catching a cold from your colleague or friend, simply cover your nose when they sneeze. Doing so in cold air too is a sensible way to keep cold at bay. Since viruses tend to multiply when the cells are cooler, the chances of catching a cold in the chilly wind are higher. So when exposed to such circumstances, do cover your nose with a clean cloth.


GarlicThis antiviral, antifungal and antibiotic food helps in boosting the overall immunity of the body, along with providing internal warmth and enhances over all digestion. All that you need to do is swallow a clove of the garlic every morning on an empty stomach and enjoy the natural prevention from cold.


EchinaceaThis is another plant that has been known as a general immune booster. According to researches, having extracts of this flower actually reduced the chances of catching a cold by almost 50 percent. If you do not have the access to this flower then you can opt for its supplements or even dried versions to prevent colds.


ElderberryElderberry has the reputation of being one of the best natural remedies for keeping viral infections away. This is actually a relative of the blueberry family and inhibits neuraminidase, which is basically an enzyme that viruses use for spreading infections to the host cells. So by taking this fruit on a regular basis you are actually not letting the virus enter your cells or attack it. The fruit comes with no side effects and it also is rich in antioxidants along with immunity boosters and flavonoids to provide other benefits.

Honey And Cinnamon

Honey And CinnamonA combination of these two has been known to reduce and minimize the effects of even the worst kinds of colds. Basically honey is rich in various kinds of antibacterial and antiviral properties. When combined with cinnamon it works internally to aid in digestion, improve immunity and provide an array of other benefits too. With this enhanced immunity, one can fight off cold to a great extent. Also, if you do catch a cold, the chances of it lasting very long are negligible.

Holy Basil And Ginger

Holy BasilThe combination of these two herbs helps in boosting immunity and minimizes the impact of the viral on the body. What you can do is simply consume the juices of the two by blending it together in the mixer or even on the mortar and pestle. If the flavor is too strong for you then you can add some honey to it or even sugar candy. This combination not only fights colds but also doesn’t let you catch a cough easily.

It should be remembered that these are not only just methods to minimize the chances of catching a cold, but if you do catch them, these will also help boost your immunity and help you combat the infection better.

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