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The Best Home Remedies For Thyroid

[toc]Thyroid (also known as ‘hypothyroidism’) is health disorder which occurs because of a dysfunctional thyroid gland. As a result of this condition the rate of metabolism of the patient’s body is affected as it is the thyroid gland that mostly controls the metabolic activities of the body.


A few of the regular symptoms linked to the condition of hypothyroidism are tiredness, constipation, dryness of skin, sore throat, muscle cramps, added body weight and weak fingernails. But, as you will find out in this article, there are a number of home remedies for thyroid that will help you prevent, control and treat this disorder.

5 Home Remedies For Thyroid


Iodine is absolutely vital to keep the thyroid gland functioning properly. Therefore, people who are suffering from an underactive thyroid gland should increase their daily consumption of iodine. You can increase the level of iodine in your body by adding the more regular sources of iodine to your food regime.

A few of these sources are egg, fish, chicken, potatoes, banana and salt. You could also try iodine supplements which can be bought from any health food store. However, do consult with your physician about the dosage.


Bladder Wrack

It is a sort of seaweed that should be ingested by ones suffering from the condition of the thyroid. Bladder wrack is known to improve the state of the thyroid gland drastically. Also consumed as a natural supplement, it contains a high percentage of iodine, which again is essential for the thyroid gland to function well.

Health experts recommend the usage of 150-200 mg of bladder wrack on a daily basis for the average thyroid patient. However, in severe cases, it is advisable to suggest a doctor regarding its dosage.

Bladder Wrack


Everybody is aware of the importance of sunshine. Surprisingly, not too many people know how beneficial it can be for their thyroid glands. If you have a thyroid condition, make it a point to wake up early and expose yourself to the sunrays of the morning for at least fifteen minutes each day.

It will help in maintaining the required levels of Vitamin D in your body which is essential for all metabolic activities. Early morning outdoor exercises too can be a good way to start the day.



The anti-inflammatory quality of ginger is what makes it so effective for thyroid patients. There are a number of ways in which people who are suffering the condition of thyroid can use ginger. Slices of fresh ginger may be added to broths and soups.

You could also drink hot ginger tea, which can be prepared by adding ginger slices to a bowl of hot water. Honey can also be added to this herbal preparation. Even consuming dried ginger has worked wonders for thyroid patients.


Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil is known for its curative properties for various diseases such as eczema, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and is often promoted as a remedy for cancer. Nevertheless, it is also effective for our immediate concern – hypothyroidism.

Primrose oil boasts a high content of amino acids which keep the thyroid gland fully functional. It is also known to eradicate other problems caused by hypothyroidism such as hair fall and excessive menstrual discharge. One tablespoon of primrose oil taken every day will revive the thyroid gland and reinstate its functional properties.

Evening Primrose Oil


If you are suffering from a minor case of hypothyroidism, these remedies are certain to work for you. However, for more serious problems, consult a doctor as soon as possible for immediate medical attention.

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