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The 5 Common Ear Ache Symptoms


Ear aches are very common in both kids and adults. In kids it is almost a part of their growing up process. Ear ache is generally caused by an infection from a condition of cold or flu that the child may already have. It is most often observed that as soon as the child recuperates from the cold, the earache gradually dissipates as well.

The Five Common Ear Ache Symptoms

In adults, the ear ache is aggravated in individuals who smoke a lot. These ear aches can be unbearable at times and medical intervention becomes imperative in such cases. This article will discuss some of the symptoms of ear ache, mainly in children.

Common Symptoms Of Ear Ache


Earache is very common during the months of winter. This is because of the high incidence of common cold and flu during that time of the year. An earache triggered by a condition of cold can cause a searing sensation inside the ear.

There may be trapped fluid inside the ear applying undue pressure on the eardrum making it swell and throb. The person will experience difficulty while sleeping and sneezing. If the pain is unbearable, a doctor should be consulted immediately.



Although fever is not the most common symptom of earache, it is still seen in at least one third of children suffering from ear ache. The body temperature will fluctuate between 100 and 102 degrees centigrade.

In very few cases, it rises up to 104. Kids aged four years or lower are more prone to such fevers triggered by an ear ache. But parents have to be careful about recognizing fever as a symptom and look for other signs of earache that appear in conjunction.


Jaw Pain

The pain in one’s jaw will generally be localized at the back of either cheek. If any pressure is applied on it, there will be a certain amount of discomfort.

Brushing one’s teeth or chewing food can be quite a daunting task then. Even opening one’s mouth in order to speak can cause a substantial amount of discomfort. In some cases, it has been seen that the jaw pain goes away after a while and the person is only left with the ear ache.

Jaw Pain

Decreased Hearing

When there is a case of ear infection causing an ear ache, it is most often seen that a fluid fills up the space of the middle ear. This reduces the hearing capacity of the person, albeit temporarily. Older children will complain about a feeling of fullness or heaviness in the ear.

They would also realize that they are not hearing properly. However, in infants, this symptom is not so easily detectable. They may, nonetheless, express their discomfort by the constant shaking of their head.

Decreased Hearing

Loss Of Appetite

Loss of appetite is very natural if you experience a burning, seething pain every time you have to open your mouth to eat. In young children, it is all the more common as parents would notice the child refusing to be fed from the bottle after a while. There is a change in pressure in the middle ear as one swallows down the food. It causes a lot of pain and the child gradually becomes uninterested in consuming any more food.

Earache may be highly painful, but it is also very short-lived. These symptoms will allow you to detect an earache before it grows in intensity and impact and take necessary medical steps.

Loss of appetite