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The Various Natural Cures For Muscular Cramps

Natural Cure To Muscular Cramps

[toc]Dehydration, fatigue, overuse of muscles and stress are the primary causes of muscular cramps. However, a faulty chemical signal sent by the nervous system is the root cause of the problem. When there is no apparent reason for a muscle locking up or painful cramping occurs in calves while sleeping because the muscle is told to contact by the nervous system.

Muscle pain can be relieved with the home remedies discussed below. When a muscle becomes rigid and involuntarily contracts, the spasm occurs and leads to tightness. The blood flow is stopped because the muscles contain fibers that tighten and contract. People experience anguishing pain and immediate discomfort. The muscle cannot release with movement or relax on its own when it goes into spasms.

9 Natural Cures For Muscular Cramps


Heat To Reduce Muscular Cramps

After 72 hours, people should start application of heat. The usual recommendation include moist heat such as hot showers, damp heating pads or hot tubs. Healing is promoted with heat because it draws the healthy blood cells to the area where the spasms are occurring. The muscle fibers and nerves can also be relaxed with the aid of heat.

Muscle cramping can often be prevented in the cold weather by using adequate clothing for keeping the muscles warm. The best insulating value is offered by layered clothing as the air becomes trapped between the layers and the cold doesn’t penetrate. Running tights also offer warmth and compression that are highly enjoyed by some people.


Ice To Reduce Muscular Cramps

For the first 48 to 72 hours, back spasms should be applied with ice. The ice should be applied after every one and a half hour for around 20 minutes. After the back spasms starts, this cycle should be repeated on and off during the first 2 to 3 days.

Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt To Reduce Muscular Cramps

People should either soak in a bathtub or indulge in a long and warm shower. Half a cup of Epsom salt can also be added to the bath for getting added relief. Muscle relaxation is promoted with Epsom salt because of the presence of magnesium in it. Identify the center of the muscle cramp. Use your thumb for pressing into this spot or people can also use a loosely clenched fist or the heel of the hand. For 10 seconds, apply the pressure and them remove it. If people don’t suffer from excruciating pain, but feel some discomfort; this means they are doing it right. The pain caused by the cramp will start diminishing after several repetitions.

Wintergreen Oil

Wintergreen Oil To Reduce Muscular Cramps

Take 4 parts vegetable oil and mix 1 part wintergreen oil in it. The muscle cramp should then be massaged with this mixture. Methyl salicylate is contained in wintergreen oil and this can aid in stimulating the blood flow and relieving pain. This mixture can be used a few times daily, but people shouldn’t use it with a heating pad as it can cause burning.

Dietary Changes

Avocado To Reduce Muscular Cramps

If your leg cramps are alleviated with the aid of the aforementioned tonic, it is recommended that people should eat potassium rich foods for boosting the levels of potassium in their body. Cantaloupe, avocado, kefir, tomatoes, mushrooms, bananas, baked potatoes, apples, spinach, fried fruits and yogurt are some of the options that can be used by people for this purpose. The fluid balance in the body is controlled with the combo of sodium and potassium. However, for them to work in the most effective manner, it is essential for them to be in the right proportion.

Calcium And Magnesium

Green Vegetables To Reduce Muscular Cramps

Because they are high in magnesium and calcium, it is recommended that people eat more and more vegetables, which include kale, raw chocolate (raw cacao), dark leafy green vegetables, almonds and broccoli. Having a green smoothie on an everyday basis is one of the easiest and simplest ways of getting these ingredients together in your diet. Almond milk can be considered as the base and raw cacao powder and dark leafy greens can be added to it. Turnip greens, sardines with bones, salmon and green beans are some other good food sources of calcium that can also be taken.

Acupressure And Massage

Acupressure To Reduce Muscular Cramps

Once the cramping has started, it can be healed with the aid of acupressure and massage. People should sit down and the knee of the cramped leg should be bent. The leg should be brought towards the chest. On the back of the leg and in the calf muscle, there is an acupressure point that can be found. It can be found at the bottom of the bulge of the calf muscle and around halfway between the back of the heel and knee.

For about a couple of minutes, the acupressure point should be pressed and held. People should keep breathing while doing this and can let go when they feel the cramp release from the muscle. The back of the leg can also be massaged upwards gently with long upward strokes. The palm of your hand should be used for doing this and the area from the heel to the back of the knee should be stroked for relieving pain and promoting healing.

Light Exercises

Light Exercises To Reduce Muscular Cramps

After the back spasms have eased and there has been a reduction in inflammation, people can start doing some gentle and light stretching exercises. The back spasm can be soothed even further when the muscles are stretch because it allows the fibers in the muscles to relax. However, before people start performing physical exercises, it is recommended that they should first stretch and the move onto them. Just make sure that the exercises are done after consultation with a physiotherapist or else you can make the injury worse.


Cramp Bark To Reduce Muscular Cramps

Involuntary muscle spasms can also be treated with the help of some useful herbal remedies that include moist and warm herbal packs, cramp bark or (Viburnum Opulus) and celery seeds. White willow bark and meadowsweet are some effective natural painkillers that can also be used. An excellent muscle relaxant is passiflora, which can alleviate the pain of muscle cramps by relaxing the muscles. On the other hand, when seeking natural anti-inflammatory action, people should opt for herbs such as Devil’s Claw because they are highly useful and beneficial.

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