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5 Tips For How To Prevent Diarrhea

Ways To Prevent Diarrhea

[toc]Diarrhea is a symptom in which there is an urgency to go to the bathroom due to loose, watery stools. It is the result of improper functioning of the digestive system. It can be mild but sometimes can become a chronic condition requiring doctor’s attention.

The causes of diarrhea include infections, certain medications, certain illness, eating habits etc. It is contagious and can be spread from person to person.  If you have already gone through the pains of diarrhea, then find out the cause which lead to diarrhea and it becomes easier to find the methods of prevention.

5 Various Prevention For Diarrhea

Proper Hygiene

Proper Hand Wash For Diarrhea

Wash your hands immediately when you come in contact with someone suffering from diarrhea. Properly wash the hands before preparing the meals or having it. Keep your kitchen room neat and clean.

Remember to wash your hands and drying it off properly after using the washroom. Keep a separate towel, soap for yourself for better hygiene. Clean the toilets regularly using disinfectants. Regularly vacuum clean the house and keep it properly ventilated as it brings a sense of general wellbeing in the people living in the house and keep diseases at bay.

Proper Eating Habits

Proper Eating Habits For Diarrhea

Watch out your food intake. See which food triggers diarrhea. Avoid undercooked meat or raw seafood as most of the diarrhea infections are hidden in these types of food. Try avoiding stale foods or foods that are kept open. Try and avoid food that are rich in lactose or foods that are rich in fat and carbohydrate as it is one of the reasons of diarrhea.

Try avoiding foods that upset your digestive system. Wash off fruits and vegetables properly before having them. Sometimes the body is unable to absorb certain nutrients from the diet leading to diarrhea trigger. Please try not to handle food preparations if you are suffering from diarrhea i.e., let others cook for you as it will protect you from spreading the disease.


Yogurt For Diarrhea

Yogurt in any form is one of the good old remedies that have been used for diarrhea. You can either have yogurt with rice or else get buttermilk prepared. This should be taken at least 2-3 times in the day until the problem subsides completely and give you relieve from constant liquid bowels.

The lactobacillus content in the product is actually one of the good bacteria that will help in combating the bad one in the intestine that causes the problem. Two bowls of yogurt is more than enough.

Having Filtered Water

Drink Water

Most of the diarrhea cases happen due to intake of contaminated water. Mostly piped water provided in households is chlorinated thus preventing diarrhea. Then too it is always safe to have filtered water or drink boiled water to keep the diarrhea germs at bay.  Moreover drinking six to eight glasses of filtered water daily detoxifies the whole body from harmful toxins.

Protecting Infants And Children’s

Wash The Hands Of Infants Properly

Immunize children during the first year of their life. Not to allow infants to put toys in their mouth.  See to it that the toys available with them are washable and their surrounding is properly disinfected. Properly wash the hands after handling the Childs feces and dispose it off in a safe place.

Not to allow anyone to touch the infants without washing their hands.  For young children’s it is always advisable to cleanup or have a proper bath after playing as they can easily catch up germs. Other hygiene rules and proper eating habits have to be followed for children’s also for prevention from diarrhea.

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