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Top 12 Natural Cures For Sore Tongue

Natural Cure To Sore Tongue

[toc]The term sore tongue has been used to define a fairly common symptom or problem that a lot of people experience. This can be caused due to a variety of factors and results in small blister like eruptions on the tongue. It tends to hurt and can be caused because of some vitamin or nutrient deficiency too. Another cause for this is eating excessive hot food that leads to these blisters on the tongue.

It has been seen that one can opt for a variety of natural cures for treating the same. These cures are available at home that provide effectual respite from the pain, irritation, burning sensation and other related problems. Sore tongue will require a bit of patience but with these natural cures, be assured that you will get respite soon.

12 Natural Cures For Sore Tongue


This is one of the simplest and the most easily available natural cures for sore tongue. All that you have to do is take a few drops of the same and apply it all over the tongue and the affected areas.

Glycerin For Sore Tongue


Just make sure that you don’t swallow it immediately. Also, this will give you instant relief from lesions and also reduce the burning and irritation along with the pain.


Known for its many antibacterial, antiviral and healing properties, organic honey is the best bet for dealing with sore tongue issues. What honey does here is that it forms a coating on the tongue, which doesn’t allow any food that is swallowed to hurt the tongue.

Honey For Sore Tongue

It heals the tongue by repairing the lesions and also reduces the saliva from constantly resulting in more friction. Make sure you use organic and pure versions of honey here.


White butter is an effectual and natural cure for dealing with sore tongue issues, again the source of the problem may not be known but with white butter, you can again get a smoother coating on the tongue that prevents spread of infection. Avoid commercial butter here because it may have some chemicals.

Butter For Sore Tongue

Peepal Leaves

The leaves of the peepal tree are very beneficial in treating the sore tongue issues. Make a tea using some peepal leaves and let it boil in hot water for about 5 minutes. Add some honey to it and let it cool. Then strain the mixture and keep drinking it. The paste of the leaves can also be applied on the tongue.

Peepal Leaves For Sore Tongue

Ripe Papaya

Ripe papaya is a great remedy for treating sores on the tongue. Papaya should be added to your daily diet so that you can get relief from these symptoms. It has been seen that papaya has healing properties that coats the tongue and doesn’t allow the further damage to the tongue. Blisters are healed faster and the acidity in the mouth, which cause worsening of the problem is reduced too.

Papaya For Sore Tongue

Curd And Rice Diet

Curd and rice diet is highly suggested as a natural cure. Basically if you have hurt your tongue due to teeth, excessive warm food or having too much of chilly, then you need to some probiotics for healing.

Curd And Rice Diet For Sore Tongue

Also, curd and rice is suggested because the food is mild, not very warm and can be easily eaten. It alleviates the symptoms of burning tongue and helps in faster healing.


A lot of fruits and veggies are loaded with the goodness of vitamin C and B, which is essential for healing the same. Basically mouth ulcers, sore tongue and even blisters are caused because of the lack of essential vitamins in your diet.

Juices For Sore Tongue


Remember to have lots of oranges, lemon, blueberries, cranberries, broccoli and even muskmelon in your diet. These are very rich in vitamins and will aid in faster healing, along with preventing this from recurring in the future.

Turmeric And Milk

Milk and turmeric are highly suggested for healing the sore tongue. Turmeric is rich in healing and antibacterial properties and this mixed with milk hastens the healing process. All that you have to do is take a pinch of turmeric and add it to some warm milk. Then drink the same at least twice a day for about a week. Remember that the milk should not be very warm or you will cause more harm than good.

Turmeric And Milk For Sore Tongue


Alum has been used for treating sore tongues for many centuries now. For this treatment, you have to take some alum and then fry it in a pan or even the over to dehydrated the same.

Alum For Sore Tongue

Then this mixture should be finely crushed in a mixer or mortar and pestle. Mix the same with honey and apply generously all over the tongue. Do this at least twice a day.


Though it may strange that something so spicy can heal the tongue but it is true that cayenne can actually help in treating the sore tongue issue. Basically it has elements called capsaicin, which kind of numbs the senses of the nerves that are causing pain. However, if the blisters are very painful with open wounds, do avoid using the same.

Cayenne For Sore Tongue

Aloe Vera

Nothing works better in treating sore tongue than Aloe Vera. Simply take the gel out of the leaves and apply a good coating on the tongue or even drink the juice of the same. You can also mix some salt and honey to the aloe for hastening the process of healing. Make sure that you use edible aloe gel here.

Aloe Vera For Sore Tongue

Salt And Baking Soda

Baking soda and salt work together as a natural antiseptic that cures the problem of sore tongue! For this, you need to mix both these ingredients in equal quantities along with similar measurement of water. Then apply the same on the tongue and let it stay for about ten minutes.

You can also gargle or rinse the mouth using the mixture because it works as a natural disinfectant. This process should be repeated at least 3-4 times in a day. Along with this, do avoid spicy foods and very fibrous items, which make trigger more friction and lead to worsening of the sore tongue.

Salt And Baking Soda For Sore Tongue

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