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Top 4 Ischemic Heart Disease Symptoms


Ischemic Heart Disease Ischemic Heart Disease

Before we discuss the symptoms of Ischemic Heart Disease, let us understand the meaning of this disease. Ischemic heart disease is a medical condition caused by less amount of blood supply to the heart. What causes it can be amounted to high levels of cholesterol, smoking as well as diabetes.

This disease is a serious problem and must be looked into as less blood supply to the heart means less oxygen. Less oxygen supply means damage to any body organ which is weak resulting into permanent failure or damage. That’s the reason why we should be talking about the symptoms of IHD.

Symptoms Of Ischemic Heart Disease

Chest Pain

Chest Pain Chest Pain

While chest pain can be an indicator of any small disease (like heat stroke), it can be a strong indicator of IHD. This especially after the age of 30yrs/heavy smoker/drinker/diabetic patient. (Even in case you are none of the above, still you need to see a doctor to find out the actual reason of chest pain).

The best thing to do here is to see a cardiologist and get the prescribed tests done.

Decreased Exercise Tolerance

While one can attribute decreased exercise tolerance to many factors like over-weight, age, heavy eating and doing no exercise for a long time; this one can be a good implier of IHD. So, if you are unable to do simple exercise (like walking on foot or treadmill, basic yoga practices) for even shorter duration of 15 – 20 minutes daily, then you must get yourself tested.


Hypertension Hypertension

This one seems to be the one of the most ignored symptoms, especially in cases where there is family history of high blood pressure. What high BP does is this: it creates a condition where the blood pressure in the arteries (thin blood vessels through which the blood flows in the entire body) causing the heart to work hard to pump the blood.

This in the long term causes the heart to work poorly causing it to become a factor of IHD. So, if you have a family background of high B.P. , then don’t ignore it (especially if you are above 40yrs). Go and get it checked from a medical doctor.


Diabetes, also called the Mother of All Diseases, is a big contributor to IHD. Diabetes in the long term damages all the vital body organs – including heart and its muscles. That’s the reason why a diabetic patient is supposed to get a complete health check-up – regardless of the age. In this case too, one has to consider it as one of the major symptom (increased weight & problem in normal walking) and get it diagnosed.

While the Ischemic heart disease is on high rise due to sedentary life-style and fast food; there are still chances that one can prevent the disease from happening at an early age. The best preventive measures are of course – exercise at an early age and a calculated diet plan. Definitely, a happy environment adds to it.

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