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Top 5 Exercises To Increase The Libido

[toc]It has been seen that there are various kinds of exercises available for increasing the female libido. Basically, there are a lot of causes for poor libido including hormonal changes, stress, hectic lifestyles, age, etc. But there are remedies for combating the problem and exercises is one of the best ways of doing so.


When we are exercising, the body releases toxins and also enhances circulation of blood. It further sends signals to the brain to improvise on bodily functions, including the sex drive. Here are some of the best exercises to increase libido-

5 Exercises To Increase The Libido

Breathing Exercises

One of the best techniques of exercises applied for increasing the libido is breathing exercises and meditation. Both of these helps in reducing the levels of cortisol, which tends to clutter the brain. The physical activity here also releases endorphins, which helps make one feel good and also relax. Through these two techniques you can drastically reduce stress levels and improve libido.

breathing exercise


A lot of women are not too sure about the ways of improving libido and don’t want to risk with new exercising. They are also very busy with lifestyles or suffer from issues like arthritis, which doesn’t allow them to do very strenuous exercises.

However, walking is a great low intensity exercise, which can improve stamina, increase libido and also help you feel less stresses. With better levels or increases levels of energy, you are able to enjoy sex more. Start slow and moderate and then enhance and push your stamina.



For women who are ready to experiment more and are fitter, aerobics is a great way to enhance the libido. These women usually suffer from poor levels of hormones and libido issues because of hormones or other medical conditions.

With aerobics, blood flow improves and this also increases lubrication. Apart from this, regular aerobics helps in reducing yeast infections, boosts stamina, releases endorphins and improves endurance levels. All of this combines to increase the sex drive.



Last but not the least, yoga is another great way to stimulate the flow of blood to your genitals and enhance libido. There are various yoga postures that work on the muscles of the torso and the pelvic, which helps you enjoy more of sexual pleasures and thus enhance libido.

Apart from this, yoga also has this spiritual impact on the body, which helps to enhance sexual pleasures. For instance, the chakra asana, camel or the upward facing dog and the butterfly postures are three great methods of boosting libido.


Weight lifting

A lot of women can try lifting light weights or dumbbells. Weight lifting along with strength training is a good method of improving levels of testosterone and thus get aroused more. It should be remembered that you should start with light weights and then gradually increase the same. Combine these exercises with some cardio for maximum benefits.

Weight lifting

These are some of the easiest and the most suggested exercises to enhance the libido and improve sexual pleasure. But do remember to avoid doing the same during your menstrual cycle, except breathing exercises.