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Top 5 Foot Fungus Home Remedies

Home Remedies For Foot Fungus

[toc]Fungal infection on the foot is commonly known as the foot fungus disease and it is also universally called as Athlete’s foot. The fungus is capable of developing only in a warm and moist environment without much ventilation, and this happens when a person keeps wearing shoe for a longer period of time, as in the case of athletes. 

This disease is characterized by itchy and scaly skin, and in extreme cases, this may cause swelling too. Also, the worst part is that, this disease can be communicated from infected person to a healthy one. This may happen, when you accidently use the shoe or socks of the affected person.

5 Best Home Remedies For Foot Fungus

Garlic To Fight Fungus

Garlic Reduce Foot Fungus

Garlic has both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The garlic paste can be applied on the affected foot and left for some time, before washing it off. Though it may cause a burning sensation initially, it has a great effect in curing the foot fungus. Also, it eliminates the smell that is caused due to the infection. You can also eat raw garlic daily to make the curing process quick.

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Coconut Oil To Ease Irritation

Coconut Oil Reduce Foot Fungus

Coconut oil lubricates the skin, and it also retards the growth and spread of fungus. It also eases off irritation that is caused by the fungal infection. Applying pure coconut oil will cure the infection effectively. You can also apply coconut milk, which is prepared in thick consistency. But coconut oil is a better treatment as water may further aggravate the infection.

Lemongrass Oil As An Antiseptic

Lemongrass Oil Reduce Foot Fungus

Lemongrass oil with a good aroma of lemon is one of the best curative agents for the foot fungal infection. It has antiseptic properties, which helps in quick healing of the infection. Also, it has a good aroma which suppresses the bad smell that the infection may cause. You can apply it at least three times a day for better and quicker results.

Improve Immunity With Gooseberry 

Gooseberry Reduce Foot Fungus

Gooseberry, which is of bitter taste, is good for the development of immunity in your body. You can eat two or three gooseberries daily to improve immunity. This helps in curing a number of diseases. Also, it helps in fighting the fungus from within. You can also in take it by soaking it in water.

Wash Socks With Antiseptic Lotion

Wash Socks With Antiseptic Lotion

The infection mainly spreads due to unhygienic practices of using the socks for several days without washing it. Also, the infection may spread if the foot wear or socks of the infected person is shared by someone else. To protect yourself from the infection, wash the socks daily with any antiseptic lotion, which helps in killing all infectious agents.

Also, dry your foot completely before wearing shoes, as the moist skin is the place of fungus development.
Fungal infections generally develop on moist skin. So, always try to keep the skin dry and apply powder, which can absorb sweat. This will help in keeping the foot dry for a long time. Also, try using sandals whenever possible avoiding shoes.

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