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Top 5 Home Remedies For Baldness

Home Remedies For Baldness

[toc]Baldness is the most common problem faced by a large populations, irrespective of age or gender. There is no specific reason for baldness and it may occur due to a number of reasons, unique to each individual. People always look out for some kind of remedy, as baldness is related to beauty of the individual and it may cause embarrassment too.

This mindset of people is often misused by hair product manufacturers. But, without spending money on these products, you can try some home remedies with the easily available and natural product, so that you need not lose your hair in trial of each hair care product.

5 Home Remedies For Baldness

Milk Can Cure Baldness

Milk For Baldness

Milk is rich in protein and it is essential for the growth of hair. So, you can take a cup of thick milk and a pinch of saffron to it. Stir this mixture well and leave it for some time. You can then apply it on the bald patches in your scalp and even in the region of thinning hair. You can leave it as such till it completely dries off. You can then wash it off completely. This treatment should be carried out regularly.

Pepper To Stimulate Hair Growth

Pepper To Stimulate Hair Growth

A mixture of pepper and lemon seeds is a very good stimulator of hair growth. You can make a paste with these two ingredients and apply on the bald patches. You can do this at least twice a week.

The pepper is of strong smell and on application; it may cause irritation and burning sensation on scalp. But, a regular application of this mixture can be an effective cure for baldness.

Use Honey For Denser Hair


The naturally available honey has several good effects on your body. The use of honey with olive oil is recommended in ayurveda, the vedic science, as a cure for baldness. Though it may be little sticky, you can carry out this treatment twice a week and see effective results.

Stimulate By Rubbing

Rubbing To Stimulate Hair Growth

You can also stimulate the root hairs of the bald patches by applying a little water and rubbing hard with finger. This is found to be one of the best stimulation therapies for hair growth. The rubbing should be continuous, till the scalp becomes hot and the hair follicles get stimulated. This treatment will help in opening up the pores of the follicle and growth of hair. You have to practice this daily continuously and see the change.

Onion For Re-Growth

Onion For Baldness

Instead of rubbing just with fingers, you can also perform this rubbing process with onion. You have to rub it completely till the patch becomes hot. You can do this daily once in the morning and evening. After treating this way continuously for a few days, you will be able to identify the re-growth of hair.

Rest assured, these remedies do not have any negative effect. Even if these remedies do not work out, you can go for advanced treatments that are available these days.