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Top 5 Home Remedies For Halitosis

Home Remedies For Halitosis

[toc]Imagine a situation, where you go up to talk to someone, but that someone is covering their nose or even tells you upright that you have bad breath. That is definitely one of the most embarrassing moments that you will ever have to face in your life. It’s tough yet not impossible to deal with.

It is true that bad breath or the problem of halitosis is very uncomfortable and disgusting enough to spoil a day but the problem can easily be solved with proper oral care. The remedies can be availed at home itself.

5 Home Remedies For Halitosis

Use Of Herbs

Herb For Halitosis

Herbs are considered as a natural remedy for enhancing the breath and it is always there as our daily meal. One suffering from such problem of halitosis can carry a little amount of herbs every time he/she goes out somewhere or he/she can even chew it whenever feel uncomfortable. It works very well if chewed after a rich meal.

Using Mix Extract As A Substitute Of Mouth Freshener

Mouth Wash For Halitosis

Most people suffering from the problem of bad breath often use commercial mouth freshener or mouth washer however most of the time for using this problem increases since these commercial items contain chemicals that boost up the setback. The mix extract is a great substitute of the chemical mouth washers.

The mix extract is made up of sage, myrrh gum and calendula used in equal proportion. This extract truly helps a lot. One can carry this along whenever going out and using it four times a day regularly will definitely give significant result.

Avoiding Hard Drinks And Coffee

Do Not Drink Coffee For Halitosis

Amongst all drinks, beer, whisky and wine are the top three hard drinks that offend the most. Other than these coffee is another crook to be mentioned. These drinks do not only egg on the problem but at the same time they harm the digestive system as well as causing the plaques.

This is why people who badly suffer from the problem of halitosis are always suggested to avoid these four crooks. In fact they are also advised not to have any such drink or food that is rich with hard flavors or oil since flavors and oil adds more to the problem.

Staying Away From Dairy Products

Stay Away From Dairy Products For Halitosis

Dairy products contribute a lot in the problem of bad breath or halitosis. Especially the brawny cheese like blue cheese. Roquefort and Camembert are strictly barred for those suffering from halitosis.

As already discussed earlier foods with reach flavor swells the bad breath problem and since almost every dairy product comes with strong flavor, these are always better to be avoided.

Treating Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste And Tongue Cleaner

Tongue Cleaner For Halitosis

The toothpaste, tooth brush and the tongue cleaner should always be treated as the best buddies and the companions of all time to the person who is dealing with halitosis. He/she should in fact take up the special tooth brush and tooth paste that is especially made to heal such problem. Tongue cleaner is a must for those as it helps a lot to alleviate the smell through cleaning.

Top 5 Home Remedies For Halitosis

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