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Top 5 Home Remedies For Poison Ivy

Home Remedies For Poison Ivy

[toc]Poison ivy, the plant that is known in scientific term as Toxicodendron radicus, is known to cause skin irritation, itching and rashes, if you accidentally touch it. It may sometimes develop into blisters too, with constant itching. The plant has a chemical component known commonly as urushinol, which is the main reason behind all these effect on skin. Until an anti-dose for this chemical is given, the symptoms retain. Not just effect on skin, but if you happen to inhale the smoke of the burning poison ivy plant, you may have effects on your respiratory tract too.

Poison Ivy Home Remedies

Aloe Vera To Reduce Irritation

Aloe Vera Reduce Poison Ivy

Aloe Vera is a basic ingredient for all kind of cosmetics. This is because of the cooling and moisturizing effect of the gel from the plant, which helps in the protection of skin.

So, to reduce the irritation and itchiness that is caused by the poison ivy, you can apply aloe vera gel on the affect part of the skin. Rather than applying it in the form of cream, it would be better if you can get the fresh gel from the plant.

Cool Compress To Stop Spreading

Cool Compress Reduce Poison Ivy

Poison ivy plant will cause itching sensation on the skin and if you start scratching, it will develop into rashes, which will take a long time to cure completely. So, to prevent the development of rashes, you can cool compress the affected area. This will reduce the urge to itch and also will restrict rashes formation.

Use Salt Water To Wash Away Urushinol

Salt Water To Wash Away Urushinol

Salt water is the best killer of germs, as the alkaline environment that the salt causes is not suitable for the survival of germs. The same applies to the urushinol component too. So, you can use salt water to wash the skin that is affected by poison ivy plant.

This will wash off urushinol and also the irritation and itchiness. On applying salt water, it may burn a little, but you can get quick relief from all the symptoms caused by poison ivy.

Apply Turmeric To Stop Infection

Turmeric Reduce Poison Ivy

Turmeric is the naturally available antibiotic, which can be applied to treat any kind of rashes. So, you can mix some amount of turmeric power with water and apply it on the skin. If you get the fresh turmeric tuber, then you can grind it as a paste and apply. Turmeric will stop the spread of infection and will aid in quicker healing.

Indian Acalypha To Nullify The Effect

Indian Acalypha Reduce Poison Ivy

Indian acalypha is a best known anti-rash agent. You can take a few leaves of the plant, which is commonly available, and make it into fine paste. You can apply this semi-liquid paste and leave it for some time, till it completely dries. It is said to absorb the poison and nullify the effect caused by the plant.

It is also advisable to wear fully covered boots and gloves when you go to places, where there may be many poisonous plants like poison ivy. This will save your health and time in finding remedy for the skin allergy caused by those plants.